June 25, 2010

Darell Bess Moved Into The Public Library

Cincinnati, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Darrell Bess, a 52-year-old homeless Ohio man, was arrested after he was allegedly found naked in the library with two knives and 4 pounds of stolen parmesan cheese.

According to police, Bess was found in the library's restroom, naked from the waist down, apparently taking a little bird bath.

Authorities say Bess also had some library CD's in his possession along with a presumed-stolen 4-pound wheel of parmesan cheese and two knives.

Investigators believe the cheese was stolen from a local market last week.

Bess was arrested for public indecency; carrying a concealed weapon; knowingly trespassing; theft and receiving stolen property. The judge also ordered Bess to stay away from the library. Bond has been set at $6,000 and Bess is still currently incarcerated.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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