June 09, 2010

Brian McCrary Didn’t Get Mad, He Got Even - Buys Police Department Domain Name After Receiving Camera Generated Ticket

Bluff City, Tennessee (The Weekly Vice) - Brian McCrary, a computer network designer from Gray, Tennessee, received a speeding ticket from a camera on January 1st. So, what does this computer network designer do when he gets a ticket? Buys the local police department's website domain right out from under them.

McCrary's speeding ticket was issued by an automated camera that reportedly issued him a $90 citation after capturing his license plate number during an alleged speeding violation.

McCrary, who has become a critic of camera generated citations, decided to vent his frustration by replacing the police department's website with a site dedicated to speed cameras.

After receiving the citation, McCrary checked the police department's domain address (www.bluffcitypd.com) to see when it was set to expire. And when it did, McCrary scooped up rights to the domain - forcing the city to hunt for another domain to host its site.

Police Chief David Nelson stated that he was unaware the department's domain name was in danger of expiring. Adding to the calamity, the officer in charge of handling that aspect of the department's website had been out on sick leave for several months.

GoDaddy.com, a web domain provider, normally sends its customers seven e-mails warning them to re-register their domain before its expiration date. These e-mails apparently went unheeded.

McCrary's recent $80 domain purchase, which now hosts Anti-Speed Camera information, has logged over 1200 unique visitors since his acquisition.

Police Chief David Nelson has reportedly turned the matter over to the town manager and city attorney to see if there is anything that can be done. It's a question this writer can answer with just two words. Fat Chance!

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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