June 15, 2010

Brian Andrews Became The Birthday Clown - Charged With Storming Child’s Birthday Party With An Ax

Elyria, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) Brian Andrews, a 31-year-old Ohio man, was arrested Saturday after he allegedly wielded an ax at a 4-year-old's birthday party and threatened to kill people over borrowed lawn chairs.

According to the Elyria Police Department, Andrews stormed the child party with an ax, shouting profanities and threatening to kill people at the party.

Investigators say Andrews had gone to the party to confront the homeowners about some borrowed lawn chairs. An argument broke out and Andrews said he was "there to take lives." He pulled an axe from his shorts, started screaming profanity and wildly swinging his ax at people.

"He took a step back and said 'You want to see what's in my pocket?' He then pulled out an ax and started swinging it," said Maggie Robinson, grandmother to the 4-year-old birthday child.

When police arrived, Andrews was on the front lawn swinging the ax around and yelling profanities.

Andrews was ordered by police repeatedly to put the ax down and to get down on the ground but Andrews refused and screamed at the police to shoot him in the head. He had to be subdued by pepper-spray so officers could arrest him.

While being booked, Andrews allegedly apologized to police. He told them he is a drug user and a martial arts fighter and sometimes doesn’t know when to "turn it off."

Andrews was booked into the Lorain County Jail on charges of felonious assault, resisting arrest, carrying a concealed weapon and four counts of menacing.

Haley Mattson
The Weekly Vice

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