June 01, 2010

Billy Joe Gregg Jr. - Cop Wannabe - Jailed After Video Surfaces That Allegedly Shows Him Torturing Dairy Farm Cows

Cleveland, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Billy Joe Gregg Jr., a 25-year-old Ohio man, was charged Wednesday with animal cruelty after a video surfaced that allegedly shows him repeatedly torturing cows on a dairy farm he worked for.

According to investigators, undercover video was filmed at Conklin Dairy Farms Inc. which allegedly shows Gregg beating, kicking, stabbing and otherwise torturing multiple cows. The video was obtained by an animal welfare group who secretly filmed Gregg and his coworkers between April 28th and Sunday.

The video shows Gregg and others beating cows with a crow bar, pounding their heads repeatedly with their fists, stabbing them with a pitchfork, lifting them by their heads and slamming them hard onto the ground.

Video also showed the workers holding down newborn calves and then stomping on their heads. Another shot captures an employee tying a cow's nose to a metal bar and then beating the animal with a metal bar until it bleeds.

Gregg, who is currently a student at Columbus State Community College, is reportedly studying to become a law enforcement officer.

"I'm actually in a law-enforcement program because I have been a police officer, so I have exams," Gregg said. "I know those charges are pretty serious, but if I don't show up for those exams I'll be in more financial ruins 'cause I don't have a job now."

Gregg was booked into jail on 12 counts of animal cruelty. Each count has a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a $750 fine.

Conklin Dairy Farms fired Gregg on Wednesday and has condemned the abuse captured on the video.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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