June 02, 2010

7th Grade Boy Says Teacher Taped His Head And Arms To Desk - Taped Mouth Shut

Sweethome, Oregon (The Weekly Vice) - Luke Melbye, a 7th grade student at Sweethome Junior High, was taped - head and arms - to a desk after his health teacher reportedly caught him talking in class.

Melbye's parents want answers followed by discipline after their son told them of the experience.

The teacher allegedly found some heavy masking tape Friday and taped Melbye's arms to two classroom desks. The teacher then taped the boy's head to the desk and his mouth closed.

"I couldn't break loose or anything. I tried and I couldn't move the piece on my mouth and I couldn't breathe through my nose too good," stated Luke Melbye.

Luke states he was was bound for 15 to 20 minutes until the class was due to let out.

"... And when they ripped (the tape) off it hurt bad. It's like when they ripped it off I'm sure it ripped off some hairs." said Luke.

Melbye's father has allegedly contacted the Sweethome Police who are currently investigating the incident.

"All I can think of is, what if there had been a fire? What if there was some kind of catastrophe? What if something bad had happened? The what ifs are too much for me and I want an answer," said David Melbye.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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