May 24, 2010

Susan Mwarabu - Teacher - Chomps Off Man’s Ear At Minnesota Diner

St. Paul, Minnesota (The Weekly Vice) - Susan Mwarabu, a 30-year-old 6th grade teacher at Northfield Middle School, was sentenced to 60 days in jail after she chomped off part of a man's ear at a St. Paul diner.

According to the Ramsey County's Sheriff's Office, a man was eating with friends at the diner in March when he made a comment about how one of Mwarabu's friends was eating french fries. Mwarabu approached the man who made the comment, licked his face, and then bit off part of his ear.

Investigators say, a witness told them he saw Mwarabu pick up the piece of ear from the floor and put it in her mouth as she walked out.

Mwarabu was allegedly drunk at the time of the incident.

The man was treated by a plastic surgeon who said some of his ear would grow back.

Mwarabu was booked into the Ramsey County jail on a charge of third-degree felony assault.

Mwarabu was in court for sentencing Thursday and the judge sentenced her to 60 days in jail. The judge also gave Mwarabu a stay of imposition, meaning that the charge will drop from a felony to a gross misdemeanor after a five-year probationary period if Mwarabu follows the rules of probation. This includes no alcohol consumption.

The Northfield school district, where Mwarabu taught sixth-grade social studies, has terminated her employment with them.

Haley Mattson
The Weekly Vice

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