May 24, 2010

School Removes Coach After He Was Caught Sending Inappropriate Photos To His 20-Year-Old Girlfriend.....Wait, What?

Jacksonville, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Jason Robinson, a 32-year-old Mandarin High School head football coach, was removed from his position Friday for allegedly sending inappropriate pictures to his 20-year-old girlfriend.

According to Mandarin Principal Donna Richardson, the parents of Robinson’s girlfriend, notified school officials after finding inappropriate photos on her cell phone.

District officials are doing an internal investigation to determine if district policies were violated and if a school district computer was used to send the pictures.

The pictures were sent to others but it wasn’t clear who the photos were sent to and who forwarded them. The girlfriend involved is not a student at the school.

Robinson, whose served as the team's head coach since 2008, has been placed in a non-teaching position away from the school. He is currently working as an assistant coach with the Jacksonville Sharks arena football team.

“I am no longer the football coach at Mandarin,” Robinson said. “I can’t really talk about the reasons. There’s no legal issue. It’s just a lot of personal things. All I can really say is I’ve stepped away from Mandarin football and am devoting my full attention to the Jacksonville Sharks.”

The district did not notify the police of the incident.

Haley Mattson
The Weekly Vice

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