May 25, 2010

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The Weekly Vice uses Intense Debate for it's commenting system. Although you may comment as a guest, signing up for our commenting system allows you to have far more control over your comments - and only takes a few seconds to set up.

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To post an image in a comment thread.

1. Right click on a website image and open it in a new window - copy the url of that window.
2. Type the following code and insert the image url into the code

Privacy Policy

The Weekly Vice ( does not solicit, request or trick a reader into divulging personal information of any kind. At no time while you are on our website, will you be asked for personal information. If something appears on our site asking you to provide personal information, please contact the editor immediately at dannyvice at hotmail-dot-com.

The website does, however, utilize traffic counters that record basic information about a visiting reader. This information is used for no other purpose but to track how our site is performing for our readers.

The Weekly Vice uses Intense Debate for it's commenting system. You do not have to register with Intense Debate in order to leave a comment, however if you do choose to create an account, please observe Intense Debate's privacy policy here.
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