May 24, 2010

Natalie Gentle - British Woman Tortured Neighbors With Pole Dancing

Ernesettle, Plymouth, UK (The Weekly Vice) Natalie Gentle, a 28-year-old Plymouth woman, was slapped with an Anti-Social Behavior Order in after she allegedly drove her neighbor crazy with late night pole dancing and lap dances.

According to the Plymouth City Council, Gentle entertained men in her apartment by providing lap dances, pole dances, and prostitution to fund her drug habit.

The council claims Gentle created an environment of harassment, alarm and distress to such degree a family was forced to move into emergency housing to find relief from her antics.

Until her trial in July, Gentle has been banned from having males at her apartment - except her two brothers and emergency services personnel - between 10pm and 6am.

She is banned from being found drunk or under the influence of drugs anywhere in the city.

The interim Anti-Social Behaviour Order also prevents Gentle from causing any noise or disturbance to her neighbours through loud music, shouting or arguing.

She is prohibited from using abusive words or language towards anyone in the city.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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