May 31, 2010

Minneapolis Couple Charged With Tying 6-Year-Old Boy To Pole, Beating Him Up To 100 Times With An Extension Cord

Minneapolis, Minnesota (The Weekly Vice) - Troy Clay, 37, and Jacquelyn Williams, 31, were arrested after they allegedly tied a 6-year-old boy to a pole and then beat him up to 100 times with an extension cord.

According to Minneapolis police, the boy allegedly told school officials that a dog had attacked him but later told authorities "I got my butt whooped."

Investigators say the boy was chained to a pole in the family's basement and whipped with an extension cord by his "dad" 60-100 times. Detectives say the child's 10-year-old sibling appears to have also been beaten.

"When the child was brought to the hospital and they did an exam, the doctor looked at his back and there wasn't a square inch of the child's back that didn't have a mark on it," said Lt. Greg Reinhardt, of the Minneapolis Police Department

Both children have been taken into custody of Child Protective Services.

“Mom was right there. She sat down, watched it happen and did not lift a finger to stop it, nor did she lift a hand to give this kid first aid, didn’t bring him to the hospital, didn’t treat him,” said Reinhart.

Family members say Jackie Williams had a third son who died suddenly about 10 years ago - but she was never charged with a crime.

Clay and Williams were booked into the Hennepin County Jail. Troy Clay was charged with felony first degree assault and malicious punishment of a child with bond set at $300,000.

Jacquelyn Williams was charged with felony first degree assault. Her bond was also set at $300,000.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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