May 26, 2010

Jarrod Wyatt - Charged With Dismembering Friend After Drinking “Mushroom Tea”

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Crescent City, California (The Weekly Vice) - Jarrod Wyatt, a 26-year-old California man has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in which he allegedly gouged out his friend's heart and eyeballs.

According to prosecutors, deputies were called after a witness reportedly saw Wyatt in his living room, standing naked over his friend's lifeless body.

The witness told authorities Wyatt had been acting strangely earlier in the day after drinking "some kind of mushroom tea."

The witness ran for a payphone to call police after Wyatt informed him he was about to cut his friend's heart out.

Investigators say a deputy arrived at the residence to find the victim on a couch. Most of the man's face was missing including an eyeball that was found in the middle of the living room. Many of the man's body parts had been removed - including the heart, which had been gouged out through an incision in his chest.

Medical examiners said the man's cause of death was a result of having his heart removed while he was still alive - causing him to bleed to death. In addition to murder, Wyatt is accused of torture because medical examiners believe the victim was conscious and aware during phases of his dismemberment.

Wyatt, who trained as a mixed martial arts cage fighter, was arraigned in March on charges of murder, aggravated mayhem and torture. He didn't enter a plea on his initial court appearance because he appeared to still be under the effects of psychedelic mushrooms at the time.

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The Weekly Vice

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