May 26, 2010

Chicago Couple Rescued After They Were Found Buried Alive In Garbage Filled Home

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Chicago, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Thelma and Jesse Gaston, a 75 and 76-year-old Chicago couple, have been cited for 16 building code violations after they were found buried alive in their own garbage.

According to Chicago Police, the Gastons were found Monday, buried alive in garbage that filled their home from floor to ceiling.

Investigators say Gaston's neighbors called for a well-being check after the couple hadn't been seen or heard from in about 3 weeks.

Arriving officers contacted the Fire Department who were forced to utilize forced entry procedures in order to reach the couple. Fire officials were forced to wear hazmat suits because of the decaying debris and overwhelming stench.

A spokesman for the Fire Department offered speculation that Mrs. Gaston became trapped after falling through a mound of garbage. Mr. Gaston most likely succumbed to the same fate when he attempted to come to her aid.

Mr. and Mrs. Gaston were taken to Jackson Park Hospital where they are currently in Intensive Care. Mrs Gaston's body is covered with injuries that are believed to be rat bites.

The city's Department of Buildings wrote 16 citations including failure to maintain fences and failure to "stop noxious odors from permeating dwelling or premises."

"The citations were written for the purpose of getting a court order to allow for an emergency clean up," said Bill McCaffrey, a spokesman for the fire department.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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