May 25, 2010

Bradley Buehrer - Jailed After Pregnant Girlfriend Finds Child Porn Images Of Ex-Girlfriend’s Toddler

Bradley Buehrer MySpace

Marshall, Michigan (The Weekly Vice) - Bradley Dean Buehrer, a 29-year-old Iraq War Veteran, was jailed after he unintentionally showed his girlfriend an explicit image of a child, then suggested that they both sexually molest their own child, who is not even born yet!

According to Marshall Police, Buehrer was showing his girlfriend, who is pregnant with their child, pictures of his service time in Iraq when they stumbled upon a sexually explicit image of a toddler.

When she confronted him about the picture, he reportedly suggested that they both engage in sexual acts with their unborn child in the future.
Fearing for her own safety, she waited to report the incident until after he left the state with his unit on April 19th. She stated that he threatened to take her child after it was born and also threatened her life.

Investigators say Buehrer's computer was confiscated, and several pornographic images of children were recovered. Buehrer told detectives that they were pictures of his ex-girlfriend's 2-year-old child taken in 2005, and that he and his girlfriend sexually abused the child together. Police have not found evidence that any other children were involved.

Buehrer lives in a neighborhood filled with young children. Neighbors expressed relief about his arrest, and stated that he was quiet and kept to himself.

Buehrer was booked into the Calhoun County Jail and charged with sexual exploitation of a child and the manufacture and possession of child porn. He is being held without bond because he is considered a serious risk who may harm other children.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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