April 06, 2010

Tanya Beyer - Playboy Playmate - Jailed On Drug Trafficking Charges

Palm Beach, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Tanya Beyer, a 38-year-old Colorado woman and former 1992 Playboy centerfold, was arrested after a six month long investigation for drug trafficking.

According to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, Beyer was named last August in a probable cause affidavit accusing her of obtaining Oxycodone from three separate doctors.

Police initiated the search for Beyer using the Crime Stopper's program and Beyer surrendered herself at the Palm Beach lock up in late March.

Beyer is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of drug trafficking and fraud to obtain a prescription. Her bond is currently set at $30,000.

Beyer joins the long list of other former bunnies who seem to have hopped down the wrong path. Here are a few we've profiled.

Louis Glover - Assaulted woman with toilet
Jennifer Jackson - Drug overdose
Carlie Christine - Fired from high school
Stormy Daniels - Brawls with husband

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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Ida_Slapter said...

BAD BUNNY! Baaaaddd bunny.

Su Do Nim said...

Are you fucking SERIOUS? They spent six months investigating a woman who was getting pills from three different doctors?

OK, it's uncool, but unless she was SELLING these pills, it's kind of not a big enough deal for the government to get all involved in.

There are real crimes being committed, and real criminals on "probation" or parole who need to be checked up on, and the authorities are sniffing around a pathetic has-been looking for a high? There is no indication that she was selling these drugs, and frankly even if she was, this is FLORIDA - they have REAL drug dealers there.

It offends me that MY tax dollars are being spent this way. Go chase some thugs and murderers, and let the Bunny be. Jeez.

Susan said...

As to the other "bad Bunnies", I'm not sure if it's fair to lump the cheerleader coach with the others. Her crime? She posed for PB and some of the cheerleaders turned her pics in-out of spite.

This is just my opinion, but the others were KRAZY or STOOPID.

Anonymous said...

Is this a officer with nothing better to do?
We have rapists,hild molsters, and killers on our streets,but yet we are gonna chase down ONE doctor shopper?
WOW..It is no wonder why people feel they can get away with murder.How about the big time drug dealers, why are we not going after them?
Why are they not going after the doctors that are writing these scipts?

tony c said...

Yeah...really. Come on Florida PD...is this the Best you can do? Some chick gets 30 pills and you take 6 mths to get her locked up? Lets do a little math. Let see...one dumb ass cop who makes 75k per year plus benefits equals about 100k per year (i can't believe these jerk offs get paid this much for nothing. talk about ripping off the public) times 3 (at least 3 doe-does to get this one girl) that's about 150-200k in police charges for catching this BAD Bandit. This is a Disgrace.

itztashy said...

this whole thing blows hard! How dare they do this to my sister!! ILLEAGALLY obtain personal medical records It is a horific invasion of all freedom and private rights in which in america we have and must take action to see that corruption needs to be halted asap

JSAC said...

You can see the impact drugs have on a person. She resembles nothing close to "Bunny" material. And to think of all the PB subscribers she once provided a "release" for!!! She looks like an elementary school custodian now!! Oh, the humanity...

playmistyforme said...

all i can say is "wow"... I knew Tanya only for a brief period when we modeled for the same agency in japan. sweet, but young girl at the time. i recall opening playboy a year or so later and seeing her...surprised but impressed.

say what you want about what she was up to, and how the authorities trampled her rights, but the mugshot says it all. time, and that lifestyle have not been kind.

where there's smoke there's fire... wish her the best, though this story probably doesnt end well.

hope she pulls through and turns things around. i wonder what happened to her. must've gotten "caught-up" in it all. not at all uncommon.

Disturbed said...

IMHO - the ONLY reason this "cop" was investigating this woman was so that he could try and eventually blackmail her into having sex with him in exchange for him to NOT arrest her and charge her for pill shopping. Had she "put out", the cop(s) would have likely just not found any evidence and let it go.

Peggy said...

The way I look at things it is amazing how they want to make a big story out of people who are in the public eye. Playboy Playmates have done a lot of good in society to raise money for charity in a lot of ways...most people are guilty of a DUI let alone anything else, its just a matter of time before they are caught, so leave the Playboy Centerfolds alone...

Peggy said...

I just want to say one more thing in regards to what disturbed said...just so you know there are bad cops and good cops...it just so happens a cop lost his job to trying to blackmail me and sexually harass me so I took I got a lawyer and won this case in a higher court...so chicky's if you think all the cops are good think again...I have a lot of cop friends that are good cops and have a lot of integrity...

Son of the South said...

How can we expect our police to go after rapists, murderers, pedophiles and dead-beat dads if we don't go after drug abusing moms!? May Ms. Beyer overcome her addiction to pills and be kept in our prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

hi tasha bb. this is crazy what a crock of shyt. thats like j walking. marc miami

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