April 19, 2010

Alfred Iannuzzi Got “Catty” With His Neighbor

Spring Hill, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Alfred Iannuzzi, a 63-year-old Florida man, was arrested Tuesday after allegedly stealing a cat trap from his neighbor.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, Iannuzzi’s neighbor, Ronald Beer, put a cat trap in his front yard to catch stray cats - cats Beer says keep coming near his property because Iannuzzi keeps feeding them.

Investigators say Beer noticed his cat trap was missing and reviewed footage from one of his exterior security cameras that showed Iannuzzi taking the trap.

Iannuzzi initially denied the theft but later told deputies he stole the cat trap because he was upset because his neighbor kept trapping the cats and then calling animal control to come pick them up. Iannuzzi said he took the cage and gave it to a friend who disposed of it.

Iannuzzi was booked into the Hernando County Jail on misdemeanor citation for petty theft and ordered to appear in court on May 12.

Haley Mattson
The Weekly Vice

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Mindcontrol said...

Damn! Let the man feed his kitties.

hrdcore said...

I guess the thought of keeping in the cat was not even in the Que?

FroggieEyes said...

I had an irresponsible neighbor that had a bunch of stray cats. A trap is the best option. If you don't own one, animal control will usually provide one free.

JSAC said...

I LOVE CATS! (I just can't eat a whole one)

Anonymous said...

ugh...really...this guy got arrested for this! What a waist of time and tax payers money! His neighbor was catching his cat and then turning it over to animal control! What a jerk! His neighbor knew it was his! I am sure he complained to him about the traps more then once! Alfred should have to replace the trap because stry cats are a pain in the neck but he shouldnt have gotten arrested for stealing a freakin cat trap! I think this sounds like a case for peoples court lol...dudes neighbor should be sued for the cost of getting the cat out and pain and suffering (cause having your cat gone for more then a few hours and not knowing where the lil guy is is stressful! They become kinda like your child in a strang way...I love my baby Misty! She is my lil furry buddy! I would be distraught and wailing if I couldnt find her after two days!) But I also think the neighbor should sue for the cost of a new trap! Those things are expensive! But really the reason I started wring this is...Cats need to be outside often, they are domesticated wild animals! They are the only animal that kills for fun...let them have their time in the sun! They need to eat grass, grasshoppers and those damn magpies that eat all the worms in my garden! Alfred had every right to protect his kitty from certain doom...the pound! phhh...his neighbors last name was Beer...how funny...what a jerk!

Polaris said...

im with the cat guy. if neighbor doesnt like it, get a dog and move on.

mrbowtie said...

Well according to the article the cats were strays that kept coming around due to cat man feeding them. I can understand the neighbor’s frustrations. The animals weren’t his, yet I am sure he had to put up with cat prints all over his vehicles and god knows what else. My grandfathers neighbors had way too many cats and they were EVERYWHERE! They got under my grandfathers front porch and pissed everywhere apparently, because the enclosed front porch started to smell heavily of cat urine which is extremely pungent. The smell made it into the house which was just lovely. I talked to the neighbors on several occasions trying to get them to control their animals to no avail. If Mr. Beer does not like, own or is allergic to cats he should be able to take measures to remove them from his property. Look at the bright side; a big bowl of antifreeze would have solved the problem permanently, so call him a jerk or whatever you want to, but it sounds like he was doing the “right” thing to me. Weirdo cat man should have taken the strays into his house if he loved them so much huh?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's right for people to slander someone when they don't know an entire story.

I know Mr. Iannuzzi personally. Although I can't comment on this situation specifically since I don't have ALL the facts, I WILL SAY THIS:
Yes, Mr. Iannuzzi may be a little "rough around the edges", and has been known to act before he thinks, but being the US Veteran that he is, he is very protective about the people and things that he loves and is compassionate about.
THIS MAN 's HEART is in the right place! He has gone "above the call of duty" for hundreds of other cats and dogs beyond what he's taken on personally, and has been a good friend to a lot of people.

For those who have passed judgement on Mr. Ianuzzi, can you honestly say that YOUR heart is in the right place? And would YOU have the courage to stand up for and protect something you were compassionate about?
If your answer is NO, then you are a coward hiding behind harsh words and SHAME ON YOU!
If your answer is YES, then empathy is more appropriate than insults!

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