January 21, 2010

Samantha Stilwell Goes For A Double Dip DUI - Arrested Twice In Same Weekend With Eerie Similarities

Ocala, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Samantha Stilwell, a 43-year-old Florida woman was jailed Monday after she went for a double-dip DUI that had eerie similarities to a DUI she received just two days later.

According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, Stilwell was arrested Saturday night after a routine traffic stop led to a DUI. The deputy noted in his report that Stilwell was wearing her pajamas and was not wearing shoes during the infraction.

Investigators say the same deputy was on duty Monday morning when he encountered a vehicle driving erratically.

Upon stopping the vehicle, he discovered the same woman behind the wheel - again clad in pajamas and no shoes.

Stilwell was again taken into custody for DUI after three breath tests showed her blood alcohol content to be .219, .198 and .226 respectively.

According to the arresting deputy, Stilwell asked to be charged with reckless driving instead of getting a second DUI on the same weekend. The deputy also noted in his report that Stilwell made her request not once....... but twice.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Ida_Slapter said...

A lot of guys try to get a woman drunk and get her into bed. This one is already plastered and in her pajamas!!!

Pretty nice looking woman. She just needs a hairbrush, visine, and some Scope to get rid of the pirate breath.

hrdcore said...

I guess she is a slow learner. I wonder were she was going?

Ida_Slapter said...

I wonder were she was going?
Pajama Party???

Eastside said...

The newest criminal defense "Sleep Driving".

Anonymous said...

Please don't even start a discussion about "sleep drivers" AKA "AMBIEN DRIVERS" they are just as dangerous as a DUI driver, sometimes more so because they don't even have memory recall of the event, since they are technically 'sleeping' so they are the same, Unless a DUI driver is so drunk they are in 'black out' conciousness, technically awake but unaware.

I suggest this lady get a very good DUI lawyer PRONTO!

Anonymous said...

DUI = The Ten Thousand Dollar Hangover.

Maybe the Judge will give her a BOGO discount?

Buy one Get one (free)

It's actually quite sad.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she just uses REALLY powerful mouthwash in the morning.
Where is Paul Harvey when you need "The Rest of the Story"?

Laura said...

Obviously, this woman is wrong for drunk driving and for putting herself and others at risk. However, due to the similar circumstances of her cases, as well as the close proximity of them, she recently must've suffered some sort of mental breakdown. I hope she gets the help she needs.

VioletKitty said...

Look at those crazy anime eyes!

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