January 29, 2010

Ralph Barr Got Crabby Over The Price Of Crab Cakes

Sandusky, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Ralph Barr, a 61-year-old Florida man was arrested after he attacked a grocery store manager of the store's price on crab cakes.

According to Sandusky Police, Barr punched a Kroger grocery store manager several times in the face and then spit in his face after the store made a mistake on the price of crab cakes.

Barr allegedly punched the manager five or six times in the face, spat in his face and then head butted him. The store manager retaliated by striking Barr with a price gun.

Barr was booked into jail on charges of assault and criminal damage to property. He was "Barred" from returning to the Kroger store upon release from jail.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Lilah said...

Oh, the joys of working in retail! I applaud you Mr. Grocery Store Manager Guy ;p

mrbowtie said...

Dang that manager must have either been elderly or a wimp. Of course maybe this guy caught him off guard. Either way Mr. Barr deserved to get the whopping here not the poor manager. And the spitting thing… this guy is a real A-Hole! What kind of retard physically attacks another person over a pricing mistake?

Cessmari said...

someone really likes their crab cakes

Ida_Slapter said...

Use a .357 Magnum instead of a pricing gun next time.

Eastside said...

"The store manager retaliated by striking Barr with a price gun."

I hope he had it set for the correct price. Otherwise Mr Barr might get upset

VioletKitty said...

His face cracks me up!

Ida_Slapter said...

Chuck Mitchell from Porky's????

Anonymous said...

The story is from Sandusky, Ohio not Florida.

Mark said...

This was Sandusky Ohio. Not Florida. I live here.

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