January 21, 2010

Mother Of Tennis Star Anna Kournikova Jailed On Child Neglect Charges

Alla Kournikova Jail Booking

Palm Beach, FL (The Weekly Vice) – Alla Kournikova, 46-year-old mother of tennis star Anna Kournikova, was jailed after she allegedly left her 5-year-old son at home alone for nearly an hour while she ran errands around town.

According to Palm Beach police, officers were called to Kournikova’s $2 million home when a neighbor noticed little 5-year-old Allen was very upset and soaking wet, pacing in front of his house.

The boy stated that he had jumped out of a second story window and reportedly fell about 15 feet onto a stony side yard. He then told police he jumped into the family's pool because his feet hurt from the fall.

The boy was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for bruising to his feet and lower back, according to investigators.

Meanwhile, police obtained Kournikova’s cell phone number during a search of the residence and attempted to reach her several times and inform of her son's condition. When she finally returned home, she was asked to come into the police station for questioning.

Kournikova stated that she let the boy stay at home because he “didn’t want to go” and when she left she made sure he had a cell phone and dead-bolted door. She told police that when she left, the boy was watching TV on the couch.

Kournikova was booked into jail and charged with neglect of a child without great harm. She was released on $3,000 bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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JuggaletteSTL said...

Not that I am making excuses or anything, but the Soviet world is a very different one then ours. What is taboo in the U.S. may be completely normal there.

BUT if you’re going to live here, you need to know the rules and what is and is not accepted. She is very lucky all that little boy got was a few bruises! If she can afford a $2 million dollar home, she could have hired a sitter!

Eastside said...

Funny if this was some crack hoe skank the story would have 15 replys about what a loser the mother is. But so far only one reply even though the article has been posted for hours.

Do we give rich people a pass?

BTW I agree Juggs no excuse for that 5 year old to be alone. She's lucky he didn't burn down her nice house while she was gone.

hrdcore said...

Many people do get a pass for many things. being rich, pretty, famous ect. I think in this case because her daughter is famous she got a bigger head line than if you or me did it. Her punishment in the end may even be less but you can bet she paid a lot more money than you or I could. Not much solace agreed but some

magnificentjay said...

five years of age is too young to hold down the fort. but what irks me is the "he didnt want to go" and not answering her cell...something is fishy here

Getouttahere said...

How does this OLD bitch have a 5 year old?!

Even if you're from the moon, most people know you can't leave a 5 yr old home alone, they do stupid shit like jump out windows!!

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