January 28, 2010

Mary Biggerstaff - Jailed After Assaulting Car For No Reason

Alcoa, TN (The Weekly Vice) - Mary L. Biggerstaff, a 58-year-old LaBarge, WY woman was jailed after she allegedly attacked a man’s car for no apparent reason as they waited for a traffic light to change.

According to Alcoa police, Biggerstaff was stopped in front of the victim at a red light when she allegedly got out of her Jeep Wrangler and jumped on the hood of his car. She then punched and kicked his windshield, accusing him of being a registered sex offender and following her.

Investigators say Williamson is not a registered sex offender nor was he following the woman.

Biggerstaff then got back into her car and drove away after the incident. Williamson and another witness followed her until police arrived.

Biggerstaff had a small dog on a leash at the time of her arrest. An unleashed dog from across the street ran up and attacked her dog, causing police to tase the attacking dog until he released the other dog. Neither animal was seriously injured. Animal control now has custody of the woman’s dog.

Biggerstaff was booked into the Blount County Jail and charged with vandalism over $500 (estimated damage to the victim’s vehicle was $650). Her bond was set at $1,000.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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JuggaletteSTL said...

Biggerstaff? Hell no! That's some funny shit right there! I am gonna leave the jokes to someone much funnier (Ahem, Ida....)

Lilah said...

What a series of crazy events! Sounds like she's having the worst day ever!

Ida_Slapter said...

Actually, I was thinking of the little dog.

"Oh yeah, finally, we're going on a car ride so she can get me something to eat. How long has she forgot to feed me??? Two maybe three days... Whoa Mary! Where are you going? This isn't Pet World. What are you doing??? OH MY GOD! Why are you jumping on that poor mans car??? I'm gettin' outta here. Crap! Here she comes. Mary you crazy bitch now he's chasing us! Oh good here comes the cops. I'll make good my escape now. Uh oh... Why is that big Rotweiller looking at me like I'm a Snausage??? Owwww! Shit! Those teeth are sharp. HAH! Take that Bruno! Tazed your ass didn't they? Finally safe... this nice policeman is cuddling me. Where are we going officer? Wait... what's this? Animal Control??? Jeeez this is not my day..."

mrbowtie said...

The arrest scene had to be pure entertainment. Chaos at its best lol. They tased a dog for crying out loud.

magnificentjay said...

maybe the car was the registered sex offender...yeah, like Herby the Love Bug

ZachB said...

Whoa, This lady is crazy. She needs to put the hard drugs down and get in contact with Jason Miles. That will make her chill out!

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