January 27, 2010

Kurt Milner Had A Funny Bone For Marge Simpson

Kurt Wilner MySpace Profile

Ipswich, Australia (The Weekly Vice) - Kurt James Milner, a 28-year-old Ipswich man was jailed after he allegedly downloaded cartoon porn depicting pornographic images of popular television characters.

So what, it’s cartoon porn, right? Not when 59 images of actual youngsters were found on his computer back in 2003, for which he received two years probation.

According to Ipswich police, detectives received an anonymous tip about Milner, who is a former security guard, possessing inappropriate pornographic images.

Officers went to Milner’s home on January 24th, 2008 and requested that he give up his computer.

Milner refused to cooperate with police at first, but he called an hour and a half later and released his computer to authorities.

Apparently, Milner attempted to delete the files, but police found 64 images depicting characters from The Simpsons, The Powerpuff Girls, and The Incredibles in sexually explicit positions in the computer’s recycle bin.

Milner told police that he downloaded the images to show them to a friend because he thought they were funny and they were not to be used for sexual gratification.

Milner was booked into jail and charged with possessing child exploitation material and using a carriage service to access child exploitation material. He was sentenced to 12 months jail but it was wholly suspended for five years. He was also given a $1,000 good behavior bond for five years.

He is now registered as a sex offender.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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Ida_Slapter said...

Click here! to see why this guy looks familiar.

mrbowtie said...

Noooo, not Uncle Buck! John Candy would roll over in his grave Ida.

holly said...

Okay. I'm confused? So he downloaded the pics of the cartoons and was arrested for it? or was it child porn? or both? :/ lol

Anonymous said...

So wait, he got caught once for child porn, but this time he got caught except it wasn't real children?

If it's not real then who gives a rat's ass?

I'll try to suspend my judgment here, but if this is another case of the government protecting the rights of cartoons, then I think people need to bitch.

magnificentjay said...

what got him was that that toons depicted children...so, my hentia tentacle porn is legal

Su Do Nim said...

I think the issue here is that as a convicted SO, he is given strict rules of what behavior he can and cannot engage in. For instance, he was probably forbidden from having contact with unrelated children or some such thing.

So, my guess is that the cartoon porn is not specifically the issue, it's the fact that he is in possession of sexually stimulating material, which as we all know, is NOT a good thing for sex offenders - especially ones who have a penchant for kids.

If the authorities had found video of humping dogs on his computer, it would probably have resulted in the same outcome. And very few people would actually count a video of two dogs going at it (with no humans, of course) as "porn" per se.

AND the creep knew he was in the wrong, when he tried to delete the stuff. We can't get inside someone's head, but that shit right there tells me that he was thinking bad thoughts. And bad thoughts are a very bad thing when someone is already a sex offender.

Chilled said...

His picture made lol twice now. I had to come back to look again it is just awesome. Its like dramatic chipmunk meets Peter Griffin

Anonymous said...

You guys have your comparisons way off. He is obviously the Fat Weird Al.

Just eat it, eat it, open up your mouth and feed it!

Polaris said...

who doesnt delete their recyle bin?

hrdcore said...

I remember reading about it quite a wile back. Cartoon porn if it involves the sexual act of children count as child porn, whether the children depicted are real or not. According to the courts any way. They had something like that here too. (digital images) but I think it requires the image to look like real children not cartoons.

Chilled said...

No way, I say...(while quickly deleting pictures of pot)

Anonymous said...

i know this pig personaly the first time he downloaded this crap it was for he and a m8 to get off on,kurt had issues way before this happ he used to get off pulling nim self off in front off his sister ,then tried getting with women to get their kids he ,tried mine,in result i lost my kids to the system as i knocked him round when,so the cops rang the child protection and put it against me and the wife for letting him into our home ,if we knew then wat he was it wouldnt ave happ,we now have our kids bck 5 yrs later ,summary ,you dont know wat a rockspider looks like they are ordinary looking pple

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