January 27, 2010

Jennifer Jackson - Playboy Playmate - Found Dead Of Apparent Heroin Overdose

Jennifer Jackson Playboy Profile

Westlake, OH (The Weekly Vice) – Jennifer Lyn Jackson, a 40-year-old former Playboy Playmate was found dead in her home after an apparent heroin overdose.

According to Westlake police, Jackson was found dead by her husband in their Westlake trailer home.

Investigators say Jackson appears to have died of a heroin overdose.

In the April 1989 Playboy article she was featured in, Jackson stated that her ambition was to “follow the golden road to success”.

Apparently, she went the wrong way because she had several run-ins with the law before her death, including charges for drunk-driving, disorderly conduct stemming from an intoxicated domestic disturbance in her home, and a charge of receiving stolen property that was later dropped when the victim failed to appear in court.

At one point, Jackson was arrested four times in a period of five years, and was ordered to undergo drug and alcohol treatment.

Police are now investigating who supplied Jackson with the drugs and believe it was someone close to the family

Jackson also had a history of drug abuse. Toxicology tests will be performed to determined whether or not Jackson died of a drug overdose. There are no obvious signs of foul play.

Perhaps she could have been helped by a good heroin treatment center.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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Ida_Slapter said...

How could you do that to your faithful readers? I think most of us want to believe that playboy models stay the same as their well-lit re-touched photos all of their life.

However, this could me the move that makes Danny Vice rich! A weekly television show highlighting the lives of former bunnies and showing us where they are now.

mrbowtie said...

A wrong turn? I’ll say! She went from the “golden road to success” to overdosing on heroine in a trailer park.

Eastside said...

What a waste of a life.

VioletKitty said...

A sad story of addiction...

Anonymous said...

Jilly's on smack - and she won't be coming back . . .
She won't be coming back - for the holidays . . .

Primus ( Green Naughahyde )

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