January 20, 2010

Fernando Cooper’s Has A Nipple Fetish - Charged With Biting Cop’s Nipple Off

Chicago, IL (The Weekly Vice) - Fernando Cooper, a 31-year-old Chicago man was jailed after he allegedly bit an off-duty cop's nipple off during a fight outside of a nightclub.

According to Chicago police, around 9:30 p.m. Sunday Cooper was allegedly harassing the patrons at Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse in the Viagra Triangle (seriously) by grabbing at their feet, attempting to shine their shoes for change.

Cooper and the off-duty officer, who was moonlighting as a security guard for the club that night, got into an argument outside of the bar when the officer tried to stop him. Officers in the area witnessed the struggle between Cooper and the man, who was identifying himself as a police officer.

Despite the victim’s stated deputy status, Cooper continued to ignore his verbal commands and then punched the cop several times in the face and severely bit the officer’s nipple, finally stopping when responding officers deployed a chemical spray at him, according to investigators.

Cooper also allegedly grabbed for the officer’s holster several times during the struggle.

The officer was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he had to have his nipple removed because of the damage caused by Cooper’s bite.

Cooper suffered cuts and bruising to his face and was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment, then released and taken to jail.

Cooper was booked into jail and charged with attempting to disarm a peace officer, aggravated battery to a peace officer, and three counts of resisting arrest. He was also cited for panhandling in a prohibited manner. He is being held in lieu of $500,000 bond.

Records show Cooper has been arrested 20 times in the last year and more then 90 times since 1995.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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andrew said...


Ida_Slapter said...

"...charged with attempting to disarm a peace officer," and attempting to disnipple a peace officer.

"...officers deployed a chemical spray" So it ended with two people who had tears in their eyes.

(Was the cop a man or a woman?)

Bullet proof vest in the trunk, huh?

Atom said...

seriously? hes been arrested 20 times in the last year and 90 since 1995. doesnt this piece of shit have anything better to do than bother every one else. i just dont understand why people are so stupid...

mrbowtie said...

I don’t understand why he is still on the streets. I don’t know what the other arrests are for, but dang. These liberal judges need to go. Apparently this guy is a menace to society.

WalkenFan said...

Whatever happened to "three strikes you're out?" Is that just for felonies maybe?
Let me say this guy is the very definition of a tool, and he's not fit to roam about with the rest of us.
But (I know nobody will agree, but I gotta say it) I will always believe that a cop's job is to keep the peace and arrest those who aren't inclined to do so. It is NOT their job to dole out punishment as they see fit. Nobody voted them in as judges or even juries, and we have for too long accepted these beat up mugshots as the norm when it's very clear they're overstepping their boundaries. If someone from any other profession was known to assault someone, they'd be taken down immediately. Yet these guys are above the very laws they're paid to protect.
No argument this guy is a POS. But I'm tired of cops taking out their anger on anyone they please with no worry of being prosecuted.
This is a society where it's acceptable for a person with the authority to take your freedom to also beat the crap out of you as he sees fit, and I will never, ever think that is okay.

/please excuse bitchiness... something something still not smoking. . .

JuggaletteSTL said...


I do agree that cops shouldn't hit anyone unless it's warranted, but if someone was biting my nipple off I sure as hell am going to try and get them off of me by punching them in the face. I officer had every right to beat the crap out of this guy!!!

Polaris said...

This was not unwarranted violence... the article said cooper punched ol' one nip in the face a few times before he even decided to head south the nipple country.
OH AND YEAH.... WHAT THE FUCK!! Why would you bite off someones nipple? This is insane!
Somebody shoot this guy

Cessmari said...

Owie. Does anyone else's nipple hurt now?

Ida_Slapter said...

A graduate from the Rodney King School of Charm.

Half a million dollar bond!!! It sounds like they're going to keep him penned up a while.

Evil said...

Rodney King did nothing to deserve a beating you asshole.

Ida_Slapter said...

Who said he did, Jerk ass

mrbowtie said...

No Evil, you are thinking of REGINALD DENNY, he is the one that “did nothing to deserve a beating”.

Angulia said...

I am surprised that the court did not give him a death sentence before his 20th arrest. It would serve the country best to have his execution carried out after sentencing. If his family cannot afford to pay for a bullet, he can be made to give a number of hours of labour equivalent to the cost of the bullet to execute him.

Anonymous said...

Fuck every body that said stupid shit u don't know if the man was outside husling trynna feed his family when the fucking Chicago pigs started fucking with him this country was built on racism and that's probably what happen leave a black struggling man alone pigs your wrong ill stand up fo u Mr cooper !

Anonymous said...

Steller fuck the popo cock sucking bastereds!

Anonymous said...

Angulia fuck u your probably one of those racis pigs to to say somthing like that u bitch burn in hell

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