January 29, 2010

Cynthia Ware Repeatedly Stabbed Boyfriend In Argument Over ‘American Idol’

St. Petersburg, FL (The Weekly Vice) – Cynthia E. Bettis-Ware, a 52-year-old apparent “American Idol” fan was jailed after she stabbed and scalded her boyfriend over an argument about the show.

According to St. Petersburg police, Ware and her boyfriend, 47-year-old Kevin Johnson, were at the Empress Hotel where the couple apparently resides, when they began arguing about an incident on Tuesday’s episode of American Idol.

Johnson changed the channel to try and stop the argument, but Ware continued the fight, so Johnson went to bed. That’s when the argument became “heated”.

Around 11:20 p.m., Ware poured a cup of hot cocoa on Johnson while he was sleeping, severely burning him. When Johnson woke up, Ware was standing over him wielding a 10-inch butcher knife. She then stabbed him five times in the back and twice in the chest.

Ware chased Johnson out into the hotel’s parking lot with another knife after he took the butcher knife from her inside the room. A crowd formed around the couple and finally, someone called police.

Johnson was taken to the hospital. His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Bettis-Ware was booked into the Pinellas County jail and charged with first-degree attempted murder. She is being held without bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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mrbowtie said...

All of this over American Idol? I have seen some political debates turn physical, but a TV show incident? WTH! What a pathetic life this woman leads.

holly said...

Is it sad that I want to know exactly what the fight was about? Maybe the guy said she couldnt make it on there or something. lol If it's him saying cara isn't total bitch then I agree with the woman and she had every right to burn and stab him....i'm kidding of course. lol

magnificentjay said...

why are people surprised by this? those who view this schlock have a lot of emotional investment into it...its the same way with sport fans...as if, the outcome affects their lives

VioletKitty said...

As if I needed another reason to hate that show

WalkenFan said...

Over American Idol? Really?
In my 20+ years of a marriage (may it rest in peace -- God knows I sure didn't those last, say, five years) we argued about things that MATTERED, by damn...
Things like, "Baby, that male waiter was flirting with you, why did you encourage him?" ( I hadn't realized that, in ordering the fettucini, I was "encouraging" him.)
Or the favorite, "Oh baby, TELL me you're not going outside wearing THAT!" My apparently feeble answer was, "But honey, I'm just going 20 yards to the pool!"
I remember once, while having another couple over for dinner, the conversation turned to which movie stars we thought were over-rated and which we thought were not. And for some reason (I blame the cosmopolitans I'd had before the meal) I announced, "Well, I think the sexiest man in the world is and has always been Sir Elton John." It got a laugh (but I meant it.) When the company left, I told the hubby I'd flip him to see who did the dishes. His answer? "No, I'll do them. Why not go put on the Yellow Brick Road album and make yourself scream in ecstacy?" (It took all I had not to say, "It'd be the first time in 20 years I've screamed in anything besides anger!"
Ahh, divorce. It's only ugly when you haven't experienced the loveliness of it.

Dr. Anonymous said...

Is it wrong of me to think that perhaps when dealing with the absurd nature of some of these people that they may be better served by just being "put down"?

Laura said...

Whenever I go to someone's house, and they put American Idol on,I stab them right away to avoid any possible arguments so I can enjoy the show in solitude.

I kid!

Ida_Slapter said...

I'm glad it wasn't over something stupid.

KimberlyB said...

American Idol aside, I certainly appreciate the fact that a crowd gathered, "and finally, someone called police." I mean, heck, he'd only been stabbed seven times at that point, and burned, so why involve the authorities

Porky D. said...

Why couldnt she have stabbed Simon Cowell instead?

~T~ said...

I LOVE this site and always wonder when I'll see someone I know, but I never thought it would be my 2nd grade teacher!! Goes to show ya
American Idol will drive anybody crazy...haha.

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