January 29, 2010

Charles Meaux - Jailed After Performing His Rendition Of Fiddler On The Roof - Naked

Santa Ana, CA (The Weekly Vice) – Charles Edward Meaux Jr., a 36-year-old transient and apparent member of a white-supremacists group was jailed after he allegedly stood on top of a roof naked, performing sexual acts in front of several witnesses.

According to Santa Ana police, drivers on the 5 freeway called 911 around 11:45 a.m. to report a man standing naked on a roof, performing sexual acts in full view of the public. A helicopter was sent in to identify the suspect due to the amount of calls coming in about him.

When police arrived, Meaux ran into the home, which was not his, to put some clothes on. Police evacuated the family, including a child, whose residence was being invaded and found Meaux hiding in a closet upstairs. He was taken into custody after police had to shoot him with a stun gun for resisting arrest.

Just a week prior to this incident, Meaux, who has a tattoo on his forehead commemorating a non-active white supremacist group “Fight for Freedom”, was arrested on a similar charge.

Meaux was booked into the Orange County jail and charged with indecent exposure, obstructing and resisting officers, and disorderly conduct. He is being held in lieu of $150,000 bond.

Meaux has had a long history of criminal charges dating back to 1995 when he plead guilty to burglary and sentenced to two years in prison .

Other previous charges include a theft in 1999 with a four-year sentence, and a possession of a deadly weapon charge and DUI charge in 2006 with a 1 year sentence and three years probation.

In 2008, Meaux was jailed yet again and plead guilty to charges of loitering in a public area to engage in illegal drug activity and resisting a peace officer, receiving a whopping three years probation.

In 2009, Meaux racked up two more charges for making criminal threats and trespassing.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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Lilah said...

I'm sure some of the inmates are gonna love the tattoo on his ignorant forehead!

mrbowtie said...

LOL, since the FFF gang hasn’t been active since the 80’s I say we help the guy out with some acronyms for his fancy tattoo… My vote is for:

Found Fornicating Feloniously

sandy said...

Tattoos on your head always land you a respectable job.

Anonymous said...

californias 3 strike law should take care of this loser

WalkenFan said...

Yep, those F's aren't gonna bide well when he goes (and face it, he'll go eventually) back to his home away from home.
The shocking part to me was that one of those F's didn't stand for "fugly"... this man is many things, and fugly is most definitely one of them. Farker isn't far behind, either.
They stand for Fight for Freedom? I think he'd be better off if it stood for "Frigid Farking Faggot"... -- either way, he's written his own ticket as far as future jail stays go (and he wrote it on his forehead, bwahahahaha!!! Way to be subtle, loser!)
Ever notice that folks who are all for white supremecy are the bottom of the proverbial white bucket? I mean, you never see a successful CEO, stockbroker, or surgeon screaming about how powerful whites are. Hell, if this is an example of white power, that is one sad cause, indeed!

Ida_Slapter said...

... police had to shoot him with a stun gun for resisting arrest.

Why not taze someone like this just for fun? "Dance Nazi!!!"

Eastside said...

Damn its stories like this that make me proud to be American. I mean where else could a man live out his fantasies like Mr. Maeux.

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