January 20, 2010

Brian Dunlap - Bus Driver - Took Students On A Magical Colorful Field Trip

Pittsburgh, PA (The Weekly Vice) – Brian Dunlap, a 38-year-old bus driver was jailed after he took a bus full of students on an adventure packed field trip.

According to Pittsburgh police, Dunlap was hired by the “Pittsburgh Cares” organization to transport 15 Pittsburgh Carrick High School students to Carnegie Hall Science Center.

When they arrived at the Science Center, Dunlop laughed as he nearly hit a pole and had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

When leaving the center, Dunlop became increasingly intoxicated until he ran a red light, forcing the aide to call 911.

Dunlop underwent a field sobriety test and was taken to the police station for further testing where experts concluded he was not under the influence of alcohol, but possibly a controlled substance and deemed unfit to operate a vehicle. He was transported to UPMC Mercy for further tests and then taken to jail.

Parents were called to pick up their children and take them home.

Dunlop was booked into Allegheny County jail and charged with a DUI, 2 counts of recklessly endangering another person, and 15 counts endangering the welfare of a child. Bond information was not available.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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Ida_Slapter said...

Sound familiar? Click here!

Polaris said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Ida, that was hilarious!!!
I just have one question,

"When leaving the center, Dunlop became increasingly intoxicated until he ran a red light, forcing the aide to call 911."

Was he guzzling down some maddog 20/20 while driving?

Polaris said...

On no, they said it wasn't alcohol... so he was doing lines or hitting the pipe i assume?

JuggaletteSTL said...

I think they meant "visually intoxicated" meaning his speak was becoming more slurred and his eyes more bloodshot.

Don't they drug test the bus drivers? If they don't they should definitely start!!

Evil said...

I wonder what he took that had such a delayed reaction?

Anonymous said...

Funny the media doesn’t even mentioned that he was administered a breathalyzer test THREE TIMES and all THREE TIMES the result was 0.0., NEGATIVE, ZIPPO-NO ALCOHAL AT ALL. Apparently, the officer assumed he was on “something” prior to administering the breathalyzer without physical proof. Imagine his disbelief when he saw the big goose eggs.

Anonymous said...

Polaris, good point. He "became intoxicated".. Did you read they "smelled alcohol" and he wasn't even drinking..

Anonymous said...

He was high. I knew him years ago. I can pretty much guarentee that.

pitboss said...

I knew this guy for quite a few years. He's been doin stupid stuff like this his whole life. I'm positive he was high

Brian said...

Hey Anonymous and Pitbos I'm sure you have perfect record of never doing anything bad.. I love hypocrites they're always the ones to throw you under the bus. I'm willing to bet you're a disgruntle EX..

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