January 21, 2010

13-Year-Old Girl Sentenced To 90 Lashes After Bringing Cell Phone To School

Jubail, Saudi Arabia (The Weekly Vice) - An unnamed 13-year-old girl in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 90 lashes after she was caught in a heinous crime. Saudi officials say the teen was caught bringing a camera phone to school.

Saudi officials say the teen assaulted her teacher after she was caught with the camera, which is routinely banned from all girls' schools.

Officials say the flogging will proceed in public while her classmates look on. The flogging will then be followed with two months detention.

Human rights groups criticized the decision, pointing out the punishment is harsher than is regularly handed out to robbers and looters.

Under Saudi Arabia's Sharia Law, flogging is deemed a mandatory punishment for a number of moral transgressions such as adultery, dating or even being alone with a member of the opposite who is not related. Flogging may also be used, however, for a variety of other violations of Sharia law at the Judge's discretion.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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charleyinthebox said...

It is not our job to police the world. When will these people stand up for themselves. If the US steps in to do something about this then we are accused of trying to "westernize" the world. The women in Saudi Arabia will continue to be treated this way until they stand up for themselves.

TheReaperD said...

As much as I hate seeing stuff like this, I agree with charleyinthebox. Trying to force our policies, beliefs and morals on other countries is why we in the USA are hated around the world; not this whole "they hate our freedom" BS. I'm all for supporting education and freedom in their countries when it is welcome but, when it is rejected, we need to keep our noses out of it.

Now, if they live in the USA that's a different story. If they choose to live here then they need to follow our laws and customs. (Not religion, 1st Amendment and all.)

mrbowtie said...

I am with you guys. It is terrible, but really none of our business. It is not this country’s job to be the world police. It just makes me appreciate this country even more when I hear of atrocities like this.

sandy said...

Agreed. Their country, their laws. It says the teen ASSAULTED the teacher as well. That's punishable. Rules are rules. Our country needs to be more accepting of different cultures.

Cessmari said...


Ida_Slapter said...

Geeeez! What would they do to someone with drugs????

hrdcore said...

Agree to most of the post above. The people there need to stand up to the religious police and say no more. Any thing we do here only makes the problem worse. International Embarrassment make make them think twice but anything more than that will not work. You must want freedom and strive for it.
Will say that when they get over here that is another story. If were not careful we'll end up with the same laws. Too many coming from the Mideast will not change and want Sari law for here too. See whats happening in Europe. Its there already in some parts

Darien said...

These are the kind of savages we flood this country with in the name of "diversity". Yes flogging, female genital mutilation, voodoo, etc. are the kinds of values and "fresh, new ideas" we can expect.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with the other voicers that these people should rise up and fight against the injustices of their society, I could NEVER personally accept a culture that beats children within an inch from death. By the way, another 13 year old girl was stoned to death for being raped. Thank God I live in the Western world, where the highest punishment this girl would have received was expulsion.

magnificentjay said...

rules are rules...if a people tolerate such, then so be it....that said, i bet the school wont have problems with camera phones any more

AmbrosiaRose said...

Darien you're a jack ass.

Sar Chasm (aka kic) said...

What's next, insisting on marrying your own chosen partner? Not agreeing to arranged marriages at 13? Got to nip it in the bud, or flog it to death.

"For evil to triumph it is enough that descent people remain quite".

Don't send the American army, just voice your opinion in speech that is clear and not wavering.

And "sandy", I really don't wish 60 lashes of the flog on you but if you are so desperate to accept "different cultures" you might as well give it a try. This is not culture, just another deplorable example of misogynistic terror.

That said, I agree with the general theme expressed here. Change will have to come from the bottom up and not imposed from above. But it is our moral duty, as citizens of more perfect unions, to cry out against injustice, so as to help such change come about.

Eastside said...

While I certainly think the punishment is drastic the girl knew what she faced and elected to take that chance.

Polaris said...

I guess if I said lets just nuke em, everybody's gonna get mad. so forget it!
let them destroy each other slowly... i guess its more fun that way

the only problem i have with the above posts is,

"the women need to stand up for themselves"

how exactly does a saudi woman go about doing that... without getting pelted with rocks i mean.

charleyinthebox said...

OK Polaris if you want to stand up for her go ahead. Get a gun, go to Saudi Arabia. Invade THEIR country. I am unwilling to allow even one more US solider to be killed for them. Call me selfish if you must.

hrdcore said...

"diversity". Works great when all sides embrace it. Epic fail if one side don't and woe to them that did.
Diversity is something that has to be over come for most societies. Not something they strive for.

Anonymous said...

I think of myself as a pretty straight arrow, rules are rules kinda' guy. But 90 lashes??
How'd you like to be that kid's parent and have to watch them beat your kid?
This could be just the thing to start a public uprising there. I do agree though, that we should not be going to that country and trying to impose our values on them.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone saying we shouldn't impose our values on them? Am I the only one that's gonna bother asking this?

I certainly don't think they are going to stand up for themselves. They'd first have to learn how, and what better way than to demonstrate it.

Seems like all you folks are so damn worried with these backwards cavefolk hating the US, that you're too scared to play the villian, even if it means that in the long-term these people would abandon these backward teaches and actually start living in the 21st century.

But yeah, we should just let them whip children over trivial things. If we intervene we are scum that doesn't appreciate their culture, sure sure. Makes perfect sense.

I hope ya'll choke on the sarcasm.

Laura said...

I am kind of appalled at the reaction of some posters' reactions. Sure, maybe it was was an established rule there. She brought a f*cking camera phone to school that she wasn't allowed to bring. She is 13 years old. Perhaps she was too young to realize the possible ramifications of her actions. Now she will be publicly flogged and faces 2 months imprisonment. She is probably going to be considered "ruined goods" physically and mentally, for life over this. I find this all very sad...all over a f*cking cell phone.

Polaris said...

RE: "OK Polaris if you want to stand up for her go ahead. Get a gun, go to Saudi Arabia. Invade THEIR country. I am unwilling to allow even one more US solider to be killed for them. Call me selfish if you must."

charleyinthebox, calm down! I hardly was standing up for her breaking the rule. but even if though she did, she deserves detention... not a lashing. I'm not grabbing a gun, I'm not invading, nor did i say anything to that extent. I DID SAY we should nuke em, but that's not the same thing. hehehe =D

I never called you selfish, and i never said we should invade them. You need to realize this blog is not all about you. In fact, in this case, its about a 13 yr old getting whipped 90 times in public... get a grip

sandy said...

@ SarCHasm-- You must be from a cultureless part of the country.
I happened to go to college with women from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Ukraine, Venezuela...all over basically. It is THEIR culture and those girls wanted out and they got out. If people don't want out, they stay. This girl is 13 but her parents obviously want to live there. You don't have to be rich to get out. The girls at school weren't rich. So yes, be accepting of other cultures, you are not the almighty that she be going in and declaring what is just and unjust. You don't know what the girl herself is saying about it. Maybe she said, "I knew it was wrong and knew the consequences" and accepts her punishment.
You don't know her end of the story.
I'm not saying that I stand behind it, but I am from a different culture.
So yes, be open minded and accept other cultures for what they are.

Asthma Treatment said...

My parents won't let me take my iPod or Phone to school. I got a new phone for Christmas, and i wanna show it to my friends.

Asthma Treatment said...

Sneaking would not be the right thing to do. If your luck is like mine, it would either disappear, or get confiscated.

Anonymous said...

Hush Sandy.

It's true that if people want to leave they can, it's also true that you don't have to be rich to do it.

However this is true for mostly anyone, anywhere. The reason people don't leave isn't because they can't. It's because they don't know their options.

They don't know that they can leave. Probably due to lack of sufficient education, peer pressure, social stigmas, possibly all of the above.

All of this is an issue for educational and emotional reasons. Reasons that if the culture was a constructive or progressive one, wouldn't be a problem at all.

Also, you mentions that if girls want out, they do get out. Then openly acknowledge that she is probably there still because of her parents. I'm guessing the girl doesn't get much of a say in it.

Sepast said...

I hope you people understand that Sharia is a part of Islamic law...because if a Christian or Jewish person would've done something bad i know you all wouldn't have hesitated to point that out.

And how many of you know that similar things happen in Dearborn, Michigan? Mini-Sharia has started to be implemented there.

Anonymous said...

Animals, plain and simple.

justin said...

I think we could learn at least a small bit of wisdom from this. I think anyone caught talking/tecting on their cell phone while driving gets 90 lashes. Im tired missing lights/almost being killed cause some dumbass is on the phone. On a side note, if someone told on her, i bet they feel like a real asshole now...

Muslim said...

You do not know how it is Islam is justice above is story with source?
How do you believe without a source?
If you would have Islamic law will not have problems in the community look to America and the heinous crimes.
we happy about the law of islam No one complains.Read about Islam and you will see the truth.

mrbowtie said...

Muslim, are you serious? No problems? Yea, we have seen what you call no problems. The Middle East defines the word heinous. And the reason no one complains is because they are afraid they will be decapitated by a pocket knife while being videotaped.

I don't claim to know Islam, but it is my understanding that Islam itself does not promote violence and murder. However the Middle East which is mainly Muslim is one of the most violent and dangerous places in the world so don’t sit there and tell me how bad America is sir. In no way are we perfect, but we do value life here which is more than I can say about other places in the world.

Anonymous said...

The poster Sandy is a liar. Saudi women aren't allowed to be educated overseas, the government would't grant them visas to leave for education. Every now and then some Saudi women are sent abroad to extol the virtues of women in their country, but they are show ponies. They smile and say they have rights, and in fact they do have rights, but these rights stop far, far short of even other countries that are repressive to women.

Moreover, it IS very expensive to leave the country. You have to have a "bond" of sorts, which guarantees (for both the U.S. and Saudi authorities) that you won't overstay your visa and attempt to leave the country. It takes a very long time to simply get an appointment to see a US consular officer in Saudi Arabia, and you have to pay to do so if your aim is outbound travel to the U.S. How would a woman who isn't even allowed to drive alone be in a position to enroll in a western university? I have taught English in Saudi Arabia, trust me, it's not a pretty picture.

Finally, the posters who imply that these women readily accept such laws are woefully ignorant. Even a cursory glance at Saudi History and women's place in it shows what happens to women who rock the boat. It's a lot worse than 90 lashes, of that you can be sure. Saudi Arabia isn't like the U.S. and it isn't even like Dubai, Iran, or Syria, all places where women enjoy MUCH greater freedoms, freedoms that include and go beyond suffrage. Iran has more female scholars and students than most other M.E. Islamic countries, and in fact probably more than all the others combined.

In a lot of the world, there is no room for dissent, it is not as simple as protesting, marching, or "standing up for yourself". Women who do this in Saudi Arabia get killed.

nighthawk said...

Here we go again....those "peaceful" muslims at it again!!!

Liberals love these people

nighthawk said...

We should accept this culture...F*** YOU to all that say that!

KIC said...

I'm with nighthawk on this one (and I am very liberal).

Muslim: I just have to wonder then why Afghanistan under the taliban wasn't more prosperous. Or why chumeiny published edicts promoting the sexual brutalization of underage girls. (allowing the anal rape of 13 year old girls). Look, you live in an sick chauvinistic culture so I don't expect you to understand. But don't come here and try to promote your sick sadistic ways.

Anon. March 29, 2010 9:24 PM : very nicely said. I have feeling you know more than most of us about what is happening to girls in SA. Keep safe.
We shall overcome, one day.

Anonymous said...

This article is B.S Western propaganda to portray the middle east as inhumane and savage. I am a Saudi Arabian women, and yes, Saudi Arabia is not perfect. Shit happens. But to say the Saudi Arabia flogs people routinely for stupid things like that under Shari'a law, is not only misguiding and untrue, but an affront to Saudi Arabia and Islam.

For the people judging, go to Saudi Arabia, attempt to UNDERSTAND the COMPLETE culture, and then formulate your opinion. I could make rash judgement on the U.S as well. Its not like the U.S is the epitome of human rights (as apparent from this site).

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I know this is old, but charityinabox is a F'ing PUSSY!!!!!!!

What a wimp you are?! Is that how you're gonna stand up for your wife or sister? It may not be our "job" to police the world, but the way they treat women over there is beyond FUBAR. It's awful, in every way. It needs to change, and bringing such incidences like this to light is the beginning of a change. If we needed to send a huge army over there one day to help these women, so be it. They CANT stand up for themselves. Are you okay with murder? Is that cool on your list? Because thats what happens to the few brave women that DO try to stand up for themselves.

Plus, you dont know the story. Maybe the teacher assulted her first? What exactly is deemed "assult" when it comes to women over there? It could be using naughty language or giving a dirty look. THINK. This is NOT the USA. Grow some balls, and get real!

lovely lioness said...

In our culture, the criminals would be the ones inflicting this brutal treatment. How can "tolerance" even be considered? There is nothing more intolerable than beating a child...much less beating that child to further repress the actions of others. It's full-scale child abuse!

Shlalg said...

How can any sane person read this and think 'we need to be more accepting of other cultures'? How did you read a story about misogynistic brutality and humiliation, and get 'oooh, we just need to try and understand the culture more'? This isn't culture. It's abuse, and 90 lashes could very well be lethal. To all the other people saying this girl knew the risks, why do you say that like it justifies anything? The two month detention following the lashing doesn't even matter, because she'll likely need that and longer to recover from her injuries - if it doesn't kill her.

Culture is art, music, celebrations, festivals, sacred days, holidays, food, dancing, architecture, etc.

Lashing a 13 year old is fucking barbaric shit that shouldn't be happening!

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