October 06, 2009

Mother And Daughter Get Into A Fist Fight Over Man They Were Both Having Sex With

Jessica Fixl Jail Booking Report
Lisa Johnson Jail Booking Report

Eustis, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - A feud between a mother and daughter attracted the attention of police who learned the two family members were fighting over a man they were both having a sexual relationship with.

Jessica Fixl, 25, and her biological mother Lisa Johnson, 46, were arrested Friday after the two women became engaged in a fist fight over the man they were both having sex with.

According to Eustis Police, Officers were first called out to the women's home Friday morning when the two women became engaged in a heated argument over a man they were both having sex with.

Investigators advised the women to settle down and suggested Johnson, who appeared intoxicated, go to sleep.

Officers were called back out to the women's home about 20 minutes later to find the feud between the women had turned violent. Johnson was found bleeding from a laceration to her forehead.

Johnson told investigators that she tried to go to bed like the officer suggested, but her daughter, Jessica Fixl, responded by punching her in the forehead with a closed fist.

A minor who was a witness to the altercation told investigators that Johnson provoked the confrontation by going into the man's room, grabbing his crotch and refusing to let go. Johnson continued to hold the man's crotch until Fixl entered the room and punched her mother in the head.

Investigators say Johnson and the man had been living together for about a year, but when Johnson went to jail, a sexual relationship developed between the Fixl and her mother's boyfriend. When Johnson was released from jail, the man continued having sex with both women.

Jessica Fixl was booked into the Lake County Jail on charge of simple battery. Bond in her case was set at $500.

Lisa Johnson was booked into jail on a felony charge of domestic battery. Her bond was set at $3,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Anonymous said...

well I know which one I'd rather have sex with!

JuggaletteSTL said...




Ida_Slapter said...

The only way it could be worse if Lisa Johnsons mother came in and said, "What! You two have been sleeping with my man!!!"

Ida_Slapter said...

Lisa must have got one good punch in on Jessica.

I see Jessica's eyebrow has been knocked back about an inch.

Anonymous said...

ahh.. white trash at its finest. I wonder how many bottles on liquer mommy downed when she was pregnant with the daughter...

Rebecca said...

Looking at the daughter, I can tell that with a couple touches of Clinique, a hair straightener, some Paul Mitchell styling agent, and some Biore, she'd be a good looking gal.

Looking at her mother, I'm not sure there are any products at the Macy's makeup counter that could help her out.

Which begs the question: why would the daughter need to sleep with the same guy her mom was banging? I sincerely doubt the guy's a real looker.

Oh that's right. Meth. I forgot. Silly me.

CarpeDM said...

Why fight over a man willing to do this? Maybe he's their dealer. Nice swing on Jessica's part! They should have put all their energy into kicking his @$$!

hrdcore said...

Dam! Talk about misplaced anger. Wonder the age of the man.

RedneckBiker said...

Yeah, this is Jerry Springer material all the way. Surely we can do better here at the Vice, right?

Jack French said...

He was meeting the needs of both women...what's the big deal?

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