October 27, 2009

Luke Petruschke - Suspected Child Molester - Takes A Licking And Keeps On Ticking

Broward County Jail Inmate Lookup

Davie, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Luke Petruschke, a 38-year-old Davie man was hospitalized and then jailed after two men beat him nearly to death for allegedly molesting a 3-year-old boy.

According to Davie Police, Petruschke had spent the night at the home of Manuel Vidal Vega, and was preparing to leave when Vega's son told him Petruschke had molested him sometime during the night.

Vega, a 27-year-old Davie resident was confronting Petruschke out in the driveway when he was joined by his 43-year-old neighbor, Krish Carter.

Investigators say the two men smashed out the windows in Petruschke's car, dragged Petruschke out and began pummeling him with fists, feet, rocks and pieces of concrete.

Officers, who had been dispatched to the home on a report of child molestation, arrived to find Petruschke hiding in a nearby wooded area and severely injured. Vega and Carter reportedly told officers that Petruschke had been in a car accident, however police determined that the evidence didn't support their claim.

Petruschke was hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma. He has since been released and then booked into the Broward County Jail without bond on a charge of molesting a child under the age of 12.

Manuel Vega and Krish Carter were booked into the Broward County Jail without bond on charges of attempted murder.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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CDXX said...

Finally, a pedo gets what he deserves... Sick f*ck. If I lived in Florida, I would camp outside the courthouse and demand they let the two other guys go... That is the sad side of the story. The heroes are in jail with no bond :(

Anonymous said...

good for those guys that got him

Laura T said...

Yeah I've gotta give props to these two brave men. Stories like this make my day.

Ida_Slapter said...

What??? A little slower please.
The police were called to the house because of a child molestation... Why the cock and bull story about a car wreck?

If it were my child and I was so enraged that I beat the guy I would tell the cops straight-up what happened.

Lilah said...

Nothing wrong with a little street justice. Sometimes it's the only way to get any justice.

Fed up!! said...

Finally!! A Parent that took action into their own hands!!! I am totally disgusted with our judicial system!! These creeps know that they are going to get a slap on the wrist and continue to hurt our children!! We need more brave men and women to take matters into their own hands!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's shocking how little regard people here have for the law.

tsk tst tsk.

Rebecca said...

Attempted MURDER?

Come on now.

Looking at the two of them, I'm pretty sure that if they WANTED to murder the little bastard, he'd be dead.

And you know if they all get convicted of their respective crimes, Vega and Carter will probably get WAY more time than the child molester.

holly said...

WOW the charges are crazy on those 2 guys. I say more power to them. If I were the cops I would of put the guy in cuffs and let the two men finish what they started and the told the police back at the jail that he was in a car crash & died. That is complete bullshit. What a waste of space this guy is. Really what can he contrbute to the world??

Eastside said...

Technically the guy was in a car. And I'm sure if they checked his shorts he did have an accident.
Looks like the facts fit the story to me.

Thrash_Metal! said...

I don't think it's smart to beat the guy half to death AND call the cops. One or the other guys..or at least wait till he heals and then call the law. As far as the two getting convicted, jury nullification is all I have to say. I wish more ppl knew what that was and how much power citizens have to help rid ourselves of bad laws or protect justified vigilantism in this way.

Big Poppa said...

Amen Eastside! While I don't condone vigilante justice, imagine if this was your child telling you this. And florida is so f@#ked up, I'm sure the molester will serve less time than the two heros..

magnificentjay said...

the dudes might have priors that might have convinced the DA to go attempted murder.

but all in all, i suspect the charges to be lowered to assault in the first degree...no jury would convict them on attempted murder

mrbowtie said...

I see nothing wrong with what they did. The sick bastard should count his blessings that he is still alive.

Kent said...

I am happy that I have a brain, a heart and a soul. I'm really very happy about that. It totally discourages me, therefore, to read these comments. Not one of them shows the least bit of reason, wisdom, compassion or justice. Reading these comments does not make me proud to be associated with human beings, let alone Americans. Are you my neighbors? Do I really live among savages? Every one of you should re-read what you wrote, and consider whether that is really the world you want to create, the lesson you want to teach your children. The lack of insight, humility and comprehension of the human condition I see here is stunning. I pray for us all.

weberly said...

Really? Well I'm glad every little bit helps. But to be honest you would have to do a lot more than pray for whoever did something like that my kids ...hope you know C.P.R .

Venus Doom said...

Hey, Kent... you're clearly not a parent. If either of my young children (both under 5) came to me and told me someone to whom I opened my home had touched them in this manner, the police wouldn't have to arrest him. They'd have to hire a crime scene clean-up team to sweep up the bloody pieces of the bastard.

Maybe if you ever have children of your own, Kent, you'll realize just how deep that responsibility to protect your children really runs. Until then, shut your ignorant pie-hole.

(And I'm a Democrat! Jesus Christ.)

mrbowtie said...

Venus, you are my hero... as a father of two young boys myself, I can say I agree with you 100%.

wolfenboomer said...

This person is a turn that two brave men tried to fush. I agreewhole heartedly that he got what he diserved...thin he though of prayer and his fellow man while he was touching that baby.....NO. Chump got what was coming ot him. I would do the same if my little boy came and told me the same thing period end of story, that is if his mother didnt get to the skum first.

Anonymous said...

omg! i sang in HS choir with this monster in 1988!!! i can't believe it! DISGUSTING!!!!!

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