October 05, 2009

Jackie Knott Had A Load To Think About - Charged With Driving Van Around With 13-Year-Old Daughter On Top

Albertville, Alabama (The Weekly Vice) - Jackie Denise Knott, a 37-year-old Alabama woman was arrested Sunday after driving a minivan around with her 13-year-old daughter on top.

According to Albertville Police, officers responded to a call Sunday morning of a minivan traveling down U.S. 431 with a large box mounted on it's top. Inside the box was Knott's 13-year-old daughter.

When officers caught up with Knott, they pulled her over and asked why a teen was riding on the top of her van. She answered by explaining that the box was too big to go inside and that her daughter's weight would help hold it down atop the van.

When police pointed out that carrying a kid around on top of a moving vehicle was unsafe, Knott reportedly replied by insisting the box was well secured.

"She told officers she had the box tied to the roof with a wire clothes hanger," said Jamie Smith of the Albertville Police Dept."

Knott was booked into the Albertville Jail on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child . She was released after posting a $500 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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JuggaletteSTL said...

Damn, 13 year old kids have it rough nowadays!

Seriously though, didn't this woman have a set of jumper cables in her car? I have used those quite a few times to secure stuff on my little bitty civic roof......

Ida_Slapter said...

Actually, I've seen this before. Some guy put his 13 year-old boy on top of a mattress piled in the back of his truck. As he speeded up on the hiway the mattress and boy flew out and kind of coasted to the ground with the unharmed boy still on top of the mattress. A deputy was about 3 cars behind me.


Ida_Slapter said...

I remember her when she was a young child star!

Thrash_Metal! said...

I HOPE drugs were involved but i suspect this woman is just an idiot..

Eastside said...

Second on the idiot comment. No other explanation.

Rebecca said...

Look at her hair.

Are we sure SHE wasn't the one on top of the car?

Seriously, at what point in one's life does it become a good idea to say, "sure, I'll put my kid on top of a car inside a box. Nothing could POSSIBLY go wrong!"

CarpeDM said...

I remember riding on top of a car with friends in high school, in my defense I was 14, and it didn't turn out well for me. We were only going about 10mph on the football field and I had a compound fracture of my tib/fib.

This dumb@$$ was on the interstate, she should be charged with something a little more appropriate.

hrdcore said...

third the idiot comment. Can we have a vote now?

Anonymous said...

I am from the area were she is from and i dont put it passed the people that live around here but apparently she was just anidiot because the officers said she was "stone cold sober" i would have to say flatten the box put the child and the box inside the van get home and re tape the dadgum box. YOU FRIGGIN MORON

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