September 24, 2009

Prisscilla Mechell Pretended To Be Pregnant, Kidnapped A Baby, Shaved It’s Head And Then Dumped It In A Trash Dumpster - Say What?

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Waco, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Prisscilla Mechell, a 25-year-old Texas woman has been arrested after she kidnapped a baby, shaved it's head and pretended it was her newborn baby before dumping him in a trash dumpster.

According to police, Mechell kidnapped a friend's baby while she napped and then attempted to change the baby's appearance so she could pass it off as her own. When she realized she had been caught, Mechelle allegedly dumped the infant in a trash dumpster.

Investigators say Mechell told them she had miscarried about four months ago - but instead announcing the miscarriage, she continued to pretend she was pregnant before family and friends until the time came due to deliver the fictional child.

Because of the deception, Mechell told police she was compelled to find a baby - and so she went to a friend's home on Monday and offered to watch the week-old infant while his mother napped. When the friend woke up, both Mechell and the baby were gone.

Authorities say Mechell admitted to taking the child to her home, where she proceeded to shave the child's head with a razor and make other changes to the infant's appearance. But when she realized that police might suspect her of taking the child, she placed the infant on the floorboard of her car and drove around looking for a place to hide him. She eventually decided on a large trash dumpster located behind a gas station as the place to hide him.

She then returned to her friend's home, where police were waiting for her. After Mechell admitted to taking and hiding the child, McLennan County deputies drove out to the child's location and found him hidden underneath debris inside the dumpster.

The infant was described as looking red and hot to the touch, with abrasions to both knees.

Mechell was booked into the McLennan County Jail on charges of aggravated kidnapping and injury to a child. She remains incarcerated in lieu of a $500,000 bond.

Mechell's husband filed for divorce on Tuesday after 5 years of marriage and has filed a protection order for the daughter the couple shared.

"I am very concerned that my wife would injure our daughter or would take our daughter and leave the court's jurisdiction," said Scott Mechell.

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Bad Karma said...

They might as well get the padded room ready for this one.

They will definitely have to medicate this new patient.

The troubles run very deep.

Rebecca said...

Nuh-uh - I'm not handing this one a get out of jail free cuz you're crazy card.

Anyone who puts a one-week-old child through that shouldn't get to cop out and say she lost it because she miscarried or whatever her excuse may be.

That bitch may be medically insane (though I doubt it), but she sure as hell isn't legally insane. Put her in good ol' fashioned prison, not the funny farm.

JuggaletteSTL said...

She left this child to die. On the other hand she has to be insane to actually do something like this. Either way, she will have it easy in prison or a mental ward. They both get basically the same privileges, in fact, in prison you may even get more!

ATL_Thrash_Metal said...

Scary that people can lose touch with reality this bad.

CarpeDM said...

I don't know that someone needs to be insane to do something like this. I think she was selfish and calculating. She needed to keep up her lie. Do you think she would have come clean without the threat of being caught? Kudos to her husband for keeping this monster out of the child's and his life!

RedneckBiker said...

My wife had a miscarriage, my sister had several. Neither went nuts. She might be playing with a full deck, but she deserves prison, not a mental ward.

And kudos to the husband for being smart enough to dump this fat POS and take the kid. I hope he finds a real wife and mother in the future.

lauratischendorf said...

Exactly how did she think this would turn out?

Eastside said...

Insane or not insane she is incredibly stupid.
Who the hell did she think they were gonna blame when the kid was gone? Not to mention how she was suddenly going to have a baby without a hospital,labor or witnesses.

Anonymous said...

She was sane enough to go thru w/the pregnancy and go to her friends house...she thought this out for a while...& to think she has a daughter WTF

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