September 29, 2009

LaRhonda McCall Caged After Locking Son In Closet For Over Four Years

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (The Weekly Vice) – LaRhonda McCall, 37, and her friend Steve Hamilton, 38, were arrested Saturday after a battered and beaten 14-year-old boy told authorities he had been locked inside a closet for four and a half years.

According to police, a 14-year-old approached a security guard at the Oklahoma National Guard Armory and told him the sad story of the last four and a half years of his life: He had been imprisoned inside his mother’s apartment since she had moved to Oklahoma from New Jersey, and was usually kept locked inside a closet.

Investigators say the boy was thin, hungry, emaciated and covered with scars. The boy told investigators he hadn't eaten for about a week and appeared as if he hadn't bathed in quite some time.

The victim told detectives he was repeatedly beaten, choked, and whipped with cords. His arms, neck and body were scarred and bruised. Although the boy was unable to say where he lived, police were able to locate McCall and Hamilton at her apartment Saturday morning. They were taken to police headquarters, interviewed, and arrested.

McCall and Hamilton were booked in to Oklahoma County Jail where they were each charged with 20 counts of child abuse and 20 counts of child neglect. They are being held on $400,000 bond.

Rebecca Diamond
The Weekly Vice

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Ida_Slapter said...

McCall had seven other children, six of whom were minors and were taken into custody of the Department of Human Services, but none showed signs of abuse.

Rebecca said...

Ida - were they all girls?

Bad Karma said...

I am still amazed at how few of these stories ever make it to mainstream news. At least not for several days.

Hopefully they'll both get a nice long demonstration of what it's like to be confined in a small space.

Jupiter Gurl said...

Karma, I don't understand that either. This is a horrific story, similar to the Dugard case. Yet the internet is the only place you can really find this story.

I don't even watch news on television any more because it's usually so biased and outdated anyway.

Eastside said...

Whats wierdest of all is why none of the other kids ever mentioned to a teacher,friend ,anyone at all that they had a brother at home locked in a closet for years.

Momma must have had them all scared sh*tless that they would be joining him.

Ida_Slapter said...

IDK Rebecca. The children are in Department of Human Services custody.

Here's a link to a site with video coverage.

hrdcore said...

Ah a few courses and a promise from her to do better and may be some jail time for the boy friend and they all will be back in their mothers loving embrace. Mean while spank your kids for acting out and see what happens.

Rebecca said...

Hrdcore - the amount of the bond leads me to believe that the county is pretty serious about prosecuting the shit out of the two of them. So maybe - just maybe - you might be wrong. Half a mill for child neglect/abuse? For once the amount of the bond is actually in line with how extreme the abuse is.

But that's probably just wishful thinking.

hrdcore said...

Rebecca I hope you are right. hate to seem so narcissistic but have seen in the past is what I think is gross incompetence or just plan PC laziness.

JuggaletteSTL said...

Damn, what drugs was this woman on? She looked GONE in her pics!

How could she do this to her own son? What he must have felt, having to move to a strange place, then being locked in a closet when he gets there and not being let out for 4 and a half years! That is some serious shit! Not to mention the beatings and starvation, and neglect. I hope they lock these people in the hole and treat them the same way!

Anonymous said...

This story gets even worse. On the news this morning they said that this waste of sperm used to live in NYC and served time in a upstate ny prison for man slaughter. Apparently, she was charged and convicted in connection with the death of her baby daughter. Now, explain to me WHY this dumb bitch should have been allowed to have another child after she killed her first one?

I understand forcible sterilization is not constitutional, but what about the rights of these innocent children who are born to parents who know how to do nothing except abuse? i definately think people like this should not be allowed to have the very least, if we can't sterilize them, take the kids away as soon as they are born to these losers. then, give them to a family who DESERVES a child and cannot conceive.

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