August 25, 2009

Raymond Miller Proved The Customer Is Not Always Right - Sometimes They’re Sick, Twisted Freaks

Stamford, Connecticut (The Weekly Vice) - Raymond Miller, a 36-year-old Connecticut man was arrested Sunday after he took his computer in for repair and found himself arrested just minutes after a computer tech found child porn on his computer.

According to Stamford Police, Miller took his Apple Macintosh G5 into a local Apple Store for repair after his computer developed a problem with an image file program.

When a repair technician began looking through the system for problems, images of naked preteen girls in sexually explicit poses were found on the computer's hard drive.

As Miller awaited at the store for an evaluation of his computer's problems, the tech contacted an officer at the mall and informed him of the discovery. The officer verified the computer's content and took Miller into custody.

When investigators asked Miller about the child porn on his computer, he reportedly replied by stating, "You can get them for free off the Internet."

Miller, who is reportedly married, was booked into jail on a charge of possessing child pornography. Miller's bond was set at $75,000 and he was ordered to refrain from accessing pornography or the Internet.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

More and more we're seeing these cases where dumblefucks like Miller load their computer up with with child porn, and then take that computer in for a computer repair. Here, Miller was having trouble with his iPhoto program - the very program he likely had child porn in. Duh?

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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JuggaletteSTL said...

what a sick, dumb bastard!

Ida_Slapter said...

"You can't get them for free off the Internet."

(If that's the best you can do for a defense you need a lawyer)

Eastside said...

Thank god these morons are so stupid. It helps get them off the street and into Bubbas cell where they can't hurt children.

RedneckBiker said...

I feel pretty good about this stories (and others like it.) If all criminals made it this easy for the cops, they wouldn't hardly need patrol cars.

And the really fantastic thing is that criminals don't care if you were convicted of possessing kiddie porn or raping a kid, they are going to fuck you up regardless. So either way, this guy is going to be miserable in jail.

iwinc said...

Sorry if i sound stupid but what did he mean by "you can't get them for free on internet"?

She Devil said...

Perhaps he was so stupid he was afraid he was being arrested for pirating (unlawfully downloading the pics without paying for them).

Rebecca said...

Iwinc - it would be my guess - and I emphasize that this is only a guess - that he obtained the pictures himself, meaning he actually took them, or got someone else to, rather than purchasing them.

Danny, correct me if I'm wrong, dearie. -=0)

iwinc said...

Thanks She Devil and Rebecca.
So he thought that would somehow help his case?:0

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