August 03, 2009

Cheating Husband Confronted By Three Angry Girlfriends And A Punishing Tube Of Crazy Glue

Chilton, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) - Three Wisconsin women lure a cheating husband to a motel room after discovering he was dating them all. Crazy Glue ensues.

Police say Therese Ziemann, 47, Wendy Sewell, 44, and Michelle Belliveau, 43, planned to lure the cavorting Casanova to a local motel where they planned to confront him .

Investigators say Ziemann was alone with him, when he voluntarily allowed himself to be bound and blindfolded on the promise of a "massage". Instead, she cut off his underwear and called in the two other women.

When Sewell and Belliveau came into the room, they reportedly attacked the victim and superglued his penis to his stomach. The women then allegedly asked the man which woman he loved more before striking him in the face, according to the arrest report.

The victim claimed his wallet, cell phone, and car were missing when he was finally released.

How did the three women discover they were all dating the same man? Police say the victim's wife, Tracy Hood-Davis, was in on the plot after informing the women they were being used for money.

Ziemann later told investigators that she met the man through a Craigslist person ad and fell in love with him. She claimed to have paid for the motel room for the past two months and had given him $3,000 before discovering he was married.

Each woman was charged with being a party to false imprisonment. Ziemann is also charged with misdemeanor battery and fourth-degree sexual assault. Each woman was released on a $200 bond.

Melinda Tryst
The Weekly Vice

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The Fuglies said...

Ugh....The victim has bad taste in women. They're fugly.Those women look like faded,unkempt,and overweight male rockstars well beyond their prime.

Ida_Slapter said...

Hell hath no fury like a woman screwed!

Adultery is a felony in Wisconsin!!! Will the man be charged?

These women should attempt to get a trial together and try to get fat ugly women as jurors.

(It looks like he liked his women on the butch side... kind of look like men in drag, huh?)

Ida_Slapter said...

From now on this will be known as the "Dick Stick Trick"!

Venus Doom said...

I love their method of revenge. Not as permanent as Lorena Bobbitt's method, but sure to get the message across.

I'll be laughing for the rest of the day...

Anonymous said...

Typical scammer using lonely women with low self esteem. They should have cut it off. I wonder how the wife knew how to get ahold of them? Is the guy that blatant? And why would she put up with him anyway?

Jim said...

From the looks of those three,he must really be a winner.

RedneckBiker said...

As a male, I cringe when I think of the punishment these "ladies" handed out, but I can't say he didn't deserve it. If you are going to screw around, you damn sure better be sure your wife can't possibly find out. If you are going to cheat, get a divorce. If you aren't going to do that, at least make sure you can outwit your wife before you step out. What a dipshit.

magnificentjay said... least he got three grand outta one of the broads

Jupiter Gurl said...

lol, funny... This site never has a bad news day, however on some days it's downright hilarious.

I'm behind these women all the way. Sorry, but messing with three women at once just begs for payback.

PhantomX said...

These women have a golden business opportunity for the taking.

The three of them should open a hot dog stand named

"Krazy Dogs - Wieners To Go"

Here's the Krazy Dogs Jingle.

When you're running around -
Heading to and fro -
You can Take your wiener with you
When you're on the Go!

MaxXx said...

These broads had it coming.

None of them (except the wife) suspected he was seeing someone else? How? How does he get so much leeway.

In my marriage, if I'm out of touch for a few hours - my wife wonders what the hell I've been doing.

So he carries on with three women for months - yet they have no clue?

I'm quite convinced (by the looks of these ladies) that he is no casanova. The women involved are just fools.

Big Poppa said...

At first glance this sounds like a funny story where the man got his just deserts. But reverse the roles and see if you still find this humorous. I've known WHORES who kept 3 or 4 men on a string. Now imagine 3 men luring a woman to a motel room, tying her up, and super gluing her vaginal lips together.. Then they take turns taunting her and striking her about the head and face! Do any of you find humor in that???

BNevada said...

Word, Big poppa. What you just described sounds like a lifetime movie of the week. Granted the original one is too, but yours is much more horrifying. It sounds like an urban legand. We should spread it around till it becomes rumor....

About the story, Bro knew the risks, he just crapped out.

Ida_Slapter said...

Poppa has a valid point!

"Each woman was released on a $200 bond."

Anyone else thinking, 'It must be a woman judge that set bond this low'?

andrew said...

I'm with Jupiter Gurl.

Anonymous said...

They should have crazy-glued his dick to his forehead.

ettalee said...

Wow!!! What a plan!!! His wife must have been fed up. The bond seems a little low for me. I wonder if he will be able to use his penis as successfully as he did in the pass after the glue incident.


nehusker0000 said...

I wonder if it was Hard for them.

Anonymous said...

i would date any of those three women. But, I would never use women like he did.

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