July 21, 2009

Edward Bilton In Not A Gamer - Beats Woman, Clobbers Son And Strangles Family Cat In Snit Over Video Games

Conway, S.C. (TWV) - Edward Jacob Bilton, a 38-year-old South Carolina man is accused of beating a woman and her son, attempting to burn their house to the ground, and strangling a cat.

Horry County Police claim Bilton succeeded in killing the family's cat but failed to destroy the house.

According to his arrest affidavit, Bilton wreaked havoc on Saturday night at the home where he was the live-in boyfriend of a woman with a young son.

Police were alerted to a domestic dispute, where they found the house partially covered in gasoline. Entering the residence, they were met with the hysterical woman, who charged her boyfriend with a litany of crimes.

The victims claim it all started when Bilton screamed at the boy for playing too many video games. The woman attempted to intervene in the argument, but Bilton began choking her. When the child stood up for his mother, he allegedly got a severe beating about the face.

Bilton then left the residence and acquired a can of gasoline, and he proceeded to douse the house with it, yelling that he was about to burn it down. It is not clear why he stopped there or when the family cat was killed.

Bilton, who is being held at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Horry County, is charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, attempted arson, ill treatment of animals/animal cruelty, and assault and battery.

Brian Fairbanks
The Weekly Vice

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Ida_Slapter said...

Let me get this straight... He was well intentioned when he tried to get the boy to stop playing to many video games. Then he went batshit and started killing animals and attempting arson...

Hmmmm... It's like Ward Cleaver on Meth.

(I don't know... He might have been exercising a lot of 'self-control' because you can definitely see "killer" in his eyes!)

Eastside said...

5 bucks says she takes him back.

Anonymous said...

The self-control might have came in when it dawned on him that he just beat and choked his wife/gf, hit the kid in the face, strangled the cat and was about to burn the place down all because the kid played too much video games.

PhantomX said...

and he couldn't have just disconnected the game console and smashed it with a hammer?

Hotheads like him are more worried about the control than they are about video games. He was itching for that teen to defy him, I'm sure...

control freak

Michael Finley said...

First off, I am the child that he beat. I am the one who ran 2 miles to call the cops. I am the one who went through this shit. Most of this info is backwards. It had nothing to do with video games. He came home pissed because I was watching a movie with my cousin instead of working. This was one week after graduation. Why he came in screaming like a coke addict without his fix is beyond me, but take it from the VICTIM, No she did not take him back. No it had nothing to do with gaming, and No he didn't have self-control. Ask the 12 squad cars and the S.W.A.T. team who had to pull him away from my mother and remove the 12 gauge from his hand. This article is correct on most points but those who commented have no right to assume or take bets that my mom would take him back.

Michael Finley said...

Nevermind, she is a bitch. I hope she rots.

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