April 23, 2009

Teacher Creates A Stink Over Kindergarten Student’s Bathroom Accident

Yakima, Washington (The Weekly Vice) -- Susan Graham, a 58-year-old teacher at Apple Valley Elementary School in Yakima, Washington is facing scrutiny after creating a stink over a 5-year-old student's potty training prowess.

West Valley School District officials are investigating after a kindergarten teacher reportedly sent a 5-year-old student home with his own feces packed into his backpack.

When the student returned home from school Friday, his mother reached into his backpack to make an alarming discovery. Inside a plastic bag was the child's fecal matter along with a note that stated "This little turd was on the floor in my classroom".

Outraged over the find, the boy's parents contacted the district, which sparked an investigation into the reasoning behind the teacher's actions.

On Friday, the father said he received a call from the teacher informing him that her class stunk and asked if his son may have had an accident.

According to reports, the fecal matter was placed in the boy's backpack after it was found on the classroom floor. The boy's parents admit to going to the school on two occasions in the past to clean up their son after bathroom accidents - but say their son has never had an accident in class.

Whether the offending feces came from their son or not, the boy's parents are angry at the teacher's method of handling the situation.

"I'm still kind of in shock over this, because why would somebody do this? It's disgusting," said the boy's father.

School officials, who met with the family on Wednesday, say they are trying to work with family to resolve the issue. The teacher has not been disciplined over the matter.

They boy's parents asked that their son be placed in a different class for the rest of the school year. They are also considering the option of placing the boy in another school.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Considering most schools have a janitor and/or janitorial staff on site - what in blazes could this teacher have been thinking? What will she do the next time a kid throws up in class? This case screams early retirement or a reprimand at the very least.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Anonymous said...

That teacher was way out of line for doing that, not only is it embarassing for the child but also could cause that child to have slight traumatic effects from this whole incident, he is 5 years old, accidents happen and that kind of behavior from a teacher is just shocking. I think she needs to be punished somehow for doing what she did.

Anonymous said...

I would think that this would be a criminal offense. I suspect that if I mailed one of my turds to a governor or mayor or someone like that (with a real return address) that I would certainly be charged with something.

rob-t-firefly said...

Know what's rough? This poor kid's peers are going to be digging this story up online for the rest of his life.

Picture all your prospective employers, dates, and so on Googling you and finding a story like this from when you were five at the top of the page... Someone's going to need a name change.

magnificentjay said...

if you mail a turd, it could count as misuse of postal service and be noted as a federal crime...i think.

if i were the parents, i would sue the teacher for communicating threats and child endangerment.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this womans methods, but maybe she is fed up. The parents say they have had to go to school to clean him up before. This child is 5.. he should not be shitting his pants everyday.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the teacher's frustrations. I am the mother of a special needs (mildly autistic) child who was not fully potty trained until almost age 7.

That being said, I would be LIVID if any of my child's teachers sent home a turd in his backpack.

The parents should have this child in Pull-Ups or some kind of protective underwear. They make generic ones if money is an issue.

I've read many articles on this and it sounds like this child has some kind of potty issue that needs to be addressed. If the child is special needs, he needs to have a plan for school, like having an aide take him to the bathroom every hour.

All in all, this 58 year old (presumably experienced) KINDERGARTEN teacher should know better. She should have properly disposed of the feces in the toilet, or called the janitorial staff to take care of it. I would have understood if she called the parents or sent JUST a note home. If she was frustrated with the kid crapping in her class, she could have handled it with the school principal.

I think this teacher should be placed on leave for the rest of the year and not be allowed to return next year unless she completed sensitivity training.

If I were the parents I would seek legal representation, especially if the child does indeed special needs.

Anonymous said...

That teacher is such a piece of shit....

Anonymous said...

I would hate to jump to conclusions before we hear the entire story. I am a teacher (middle school), and I hate it when people not involved only hear one side of a story before passing judgement. I am a mother of a 5 year old, and he does know where to poop! It doesn't sound like an "accident" to me, unless he somehow went in his pants and she picked up something that fell out of what he was wearing. Don't you think if your 5 year old kid was pooping on the classrooom floor, you'd want to know why? Maybe the kid needs counseling, sounds like he may have some issues he needs to deal with. Would I send home poop with the kid, NO. Do I think there is more to the story, YES. I hope the teacher is able to give her side of the story. Let's not all jump to conclusions.

PhantomX said...

::student with his hand up::: yeah, teacher... maybe we have one side of the story... But reporters gave her a chance to tell her side and she hid inside her house like a scared rabbit.

Why hide if you have nothing to be ashamed of?

Anonymous said...

Please people, this teacher has over 20 years of experience and this class is a doosey! she's dealing with more than one kiddo with autism (and doing FABULOUS at that) and is a wonderful and caring teacher. This is bad parenting. she didn't embarass the kid, she (after NUMEROUS discussions with the parents) was fed up with them not taking care of this issue. This child pooped his pants, walked around with it in his pants until it dried up and fell out of his pants, he's not 2 he's 5 and it's closer to the end of the year than the beginning. it's absolutely rediculous to expect this teacher to parent this child. POTTY TRAIN YOUR FREAKING KID YOU LAZY PARENTS! she certainly doesn't get paid to change diapers, nor is it feasible with a full class of adorable kiddos for her to take care of this kid. Do I think this was the best course of action? no. but I completely understand being so fed up with a peice of crap parent.

and on another note, the kid wouldn't have been embarassed if the parent hadn't gone to the media. last I checked Mrs. Graham sent home a private "note" to the parents to deal with their childs poor behavior.

shame on you parents, teachers aren't there to raise your kids and if you can't handle it, stop having kids.

MorbidAngel said...

Potty training? Now why didn't we think of that? It hasn't got a thing to do with being a lousy parent! Kids have accidents... plain and simple. Did ya ever stop to think the child might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or something of the like? Of course not, you just justify this teacher sending home a turd in the child's backpack as bad parenting skills.

Furthermore, if you're going to employ yourself in the school system, then you're taking on a part of responsibility for the children. Mortifying a 5 year old by sending shit home in his back pack because he had an accident is just about as irresponsible as you're saying the parents are.

Trilemma said...

I live in the area and much of the story is being overlooked. Mrs. Graham is a well respected teacher in the West Valley community who has been teaching for years. This particular student had been urinating IN CLASS on various occasions and had been wiping feces on other students as well as on school property. Mrs. Graham had contacted the parents, as well as did the school principal, on various occasions, but the parents refused to seek any special help for the child. It should also be noted that Mrs. Graham was refrained from talking about the situation without first addressing the family.
Having said that, sending feces home in a plastic bag and labeling it "turd" was obviously not the best idea. Nevertheless, the child's family should have gone first to the school board, not the media. We all have our breaking points and while I am not justifying Graham's actions, I am saying that by Kindergarden, children on regular academic paths should be able to refrain from pooping in class and wiping it on the walls...

vegasgirl said...

@anonymous posted at 4:13pm 4/23/09

Are you the teacher in question? You seem to know a great deal about this "educator". May I ask, when the Mrs. SUSAN GRAHAM sent the feces home with a private note, how did she expect the parents to react? Did she think they would hide behind their front door like she did when the press came calling?

Graham Cracker said...

Amazing. If Mrs Graham has 20 years of teaching experience,why does she lack an ability to use sound judgment? Sounds like the woman suffers from a fevered ego and her hours/days spent dealing mostly with children has obviously caused her to forget how to operate in the real adult world. This is another example of why teacher unions should be broken. These people often justify the most asinine of methods. She should be fired and her license taken away. If the woman doesn't have an inherent ability--after 20 years to show and use good sound judgment---she has no place in a classroom. In my opinion,the woman is batshit crazy.

Graham Cracker said...

She may be known as a respected teacher...Which is why I think her ego got the best of her. I believe Mrs Graham thinks she can do anything she wishes in her classroom and is beyond reproach. As far as I'm concerned,schools are not built to bolster the ego's of its staff,nor is it a place for its adult staff to act out their asinine experiments in human behavior. Schools are developed to educate the students enrolled. Mrs Graham has failed common sense 101.

Anonymous said...

But reporters gave her a chance to tell her side and she hid inside her house like a scared rabbit.

Why hide if you have nothing to be ashamed of?
I can answer that. She finally realized her actions went beyond her kindergarten fiefdom. She finally realized her method was absolutely asinine. That's why she chose to hide and not stand by her actions. Again,if after 20 years one cannot use sound judgment in a classroom,it is time to move on and allow someone who can use sound judgment to take over your classroom duties.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? I wonder if some of you folks even read the damn story before you freaking post. First of all, this isn't the first time this 5 year old kid has had an accident with his nasty poop. The parents have already been to the class on two times in the past. And how to a piece of turd get out of his pants and onto the damn floor anyway. Either this kid is mentally retarded and needs to be in a special class or he has some serious discipline problem at home. I'm so tired of all these pansy ass parents that are afraid to discipline their children but are more than willing to blame someone else.
Oh yeah, did somebody actually make a comment about how this kid would be picked on because of what the teacher did? Are you kidding me? Don't you think shitting on the floor in class is enough to get you picked on by other kids? This kids got a long school career ahead of him, and it's not the teacher's fault.

My .02 said...

Oh,we've read the article...And thoroughly. IF,the kid IS retarded and/or IF there is a problem at home....Mrs Graham (with her 20+ years of experience) could have WISELY chosen to suggest a meeting with the parents and principal to discuss the matter and come up with SOLUTIONS to the problem(s). IF,the child IS retarded,then SHAME ON Mrs Graham even more so--for her lack of recognizing such and initiating her bizarre action. The kid may be a mess. But Mrs Graham has 20 years of experience behind her, and this was the only solution she thought was palatable? Sending feces into the kids backpack,NOW that's a MATURE SOLUTION!! She needs to be removed from teaching. She probably needs to be removed from reasonable and employed adults. In my opinion,she's losing her sanity. A crazy woman has no business working as a teacher in a classroom. She's a liability. There will be more strange incidents in the future....Bet on it.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely amazed that you are talking about a 5 year old having an accident in class and people are using words like "retarded, crapped, turd, retard, shit". What is wrong with you people. Teachers are there to help our kids and teach them to reach their highest potential. If there is a child that isn't the easiest to work with or has something that causes them to have an accident at school how about handling it with compassion. Some of you are responding as if a 5 year old purposefully deficated in his pants for spite. If a child had an accident and it ended up falling on the floor, do you really think even an adult would be able to stomach seeking help to clean it up? He was probaby mortified and afraid of what his peers and apparently his teacher would do or how they would repond. I sure hope none of you ever have something embarassing happen to you or your child and have someone of athority react in such a awful manner. I am assuming that many of you with your harsh comments are not parents. I don't know how a parent could blame a 5 year old child for the actions of an adult. Kind of sad.

camom1978 said...

I personally don't think this child had an 'accident' in school.

It has been stated on other news agencies cites that the parents where contacted multiple times by both the teacher and the principle, and SEVERAL notes depicting his behavior in class have also been sent home.

There for it seems The kid has a history of pooping and peeing on the floor, then taking said poop and wiping it on the schools walls and other students.

Personally I believe that sending the poop home in a baggy was wrong.

However, I also find it to be horribly bad parenting to try to blame others for your own parenting failures!!

If your child has special needs, deal with it and get him/her the help that they deserve.

If your child has a disapline problem, then the focus should fall squarely on the parents of the child for not giving proper guidence.

Yes, he is 5.

Yes, accidents happen.

However, what "normal" child wipes their feces on other children and walls. There's more to this story.

( I'm sure I've made about a million typo's and I've tried to correct them all so please forgive the crappy typing and and please focus on the message)

Thanks and have a great day!!! =*)

YakimaTeacher said...

I do want to say that the reason the teacher may not be commenting on the situation is because she is advised not to, either by the school district, or maybe even her union rep. Teachers cannot just talk about students, even to defend themselves. Teacher's don't have the right to talk about students (there are privacy laws), except to other school personnel and the parents. Teacher's cannot always be so "free" with their speech, like others can. Just something to think about....

iwinc said...

This is sick.She should be severely reprimanded and have to undergo reeducating.i don't care if the child has pod his pants once or one hundred times-there is no excuse whatsoever for this teachers behaviour.Imagine the shame and humiliation this child could have.
Its ridiculous to say at 5 years old he should not have had accidents-he's 5 years old!There are people that are 15 and still wet the bed.Also take into consideration disorders that can cause this.Even if it was a case of bad parenting,she should have refused to teach that child-not acted in the way she did-shes an adult not a child or an immature teenager.
It does sound like she has an inflated head/ego

R. M. Pitt said...

She sent a log home in the kids bookbag? LOL. At least she put it in a little baggie, no?

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