April 25, 2009

Advertise On The Weekly Vice

Advertise On The Weekly Vice

The Weekly Vice began in November, 2007 and has grown to become a daily favorite for thousands of readers who prefer their news direct and unvarnished.

The Weekly Vice offers unique and original content that is both memorable and compelling. Our content reaches more than a quarter million readers each month through direct website visits, RSS feeds, and widget readers that are embedded on other sites.

As an advertiser, you'll be pleased to know your ad will not be rotated with dozens of other ads. You will also have direct control over where your ad is placed and the exact time frame your ad will run.

Shop around and you'll soon see we are able to offer far more impressions of your ad per dollar than just about any national publication around.

Ready to advertise on The Weekly Vice? Click the menu on the right to learn more about our rates and available ad zones. Then email me directly. I'll be happy to answer any question you have.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice
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