March 12, 2009

Orion Stoltman Has A Serious Goat Problem - Arrested On Charges Of Kidnapping And Then Beheading Two Pet Goats

Orion Stoltman's Fitting MySpace Profile

Tooele, Utah (The Weekly Vice) - Orion Stoltman, a 19-year-old Springville man has been charged after burglarizing a family and then beheading their pet goats on Halloween.

After a lengthy investigation, Tooele city prosecutors finally announced charges in the Halloween slaying of two pet goats that were stolen from a Tooele family's home and then beheaded at a local elementary school.

According to Tooele police, three teenagers trespassed onto a family's property and broke into a pen containing the family's pet pygmy goats. The teenagers kidnapped two goats, named Daisy and Duke, and took them to North Lake Elementary School - a half mile away.

Police were notified after a neighbor heard crying sounds coming from the school and decided to investigate. The neighbor, who's property boarders the school property, called 911 after finding a group of teens standing around the animals' bloody carcases. Upon being discovered, the teens fled the scene.

Investigators say one goat was successfully decapitated. The other goat's head was described by police Lt. Paul Wimmer as "hanging on by a thread".

Dena and Zack Linell were identified as the animals owners, but no arrests were made until a reward for information brought in a few informants who helped police identify one adult and one juvenile as suspects. Investigators have not yet identified the third suspect believed to have been involved.

"This incident effected us pretty dramatically," said Dena Linell, "We put in a security system because I'm terrified to be alone. When my son sees goats, he still cries out for Daisy. I'm having a hard time getting past it, but I'm hoping that them finding the [suspects] will help me get past it."

A week before the goat decapitations, a dog was reportedly found shot in the head, although police have not announced a connection between the two incidents.

Orion Kent Mitchelle Stoltman now faces 5 misdemeanor charges in the case. The charges include two counts of aggravated cruelty to an animal, theft, criminal mischief and criminal trespass.

Stoltman's criminal history includes a conviction for failing to stop at the command of a police officer and providing shelter to a runaway. He also pleaded guilty in October to discharging a firearm.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

These are some seriously weak charges. How do you trespass onto someone's property, burglarize their home, kidnap a family's pet, saw off it's head and get out of it all without a single felony? Could someone from the Tooele city prosecutor's office kindly tell us?

Where is that burglary charge? How about larceny? It's a bunch of wobbly kneed nonsense from the prosecutor's office if you ask me.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Anonymous said...

disgusting--- disgusting--disgusting!! can i behead this freak? what the hell is wrong with his nose? did he go see michael jacksons cosmetic surgeon?!

seriously though, i love animals and HATE people who abuse them... luckily, this turd looks like he won't fair well in jail, he will be dead or someones girlfriend within 6 months in the pen.. lets just hope that he gets the jailtime!!

D' said...

for your own sanity... don't listen to I.C.P.!!!

magnificentjay said...

do tell....

i guess what passes for local authorities here see this as only a teenage prank......

i advise the residents to hide their goata

Juggalette said...

..... I knew it. I knew someone was going to bring up ICP, and again, I say, I have been a long time ICP fan and would NEVER do this. and I know a lot of others who can say the same. It is NOT the music you listen to it is WHO YOU ARE that makes you do this sick shit. Danny am I to understand you agree that music makes people do what they do? It sounded that way with the "fitting profile" thing. My myspace is all ICP'd out, so what? Now I am a goat murderer?

Danny Vice said...

No Juggalette. I mean fitting in how a lot of curious little details seem to fit together.

His myspace page colors seem to match up pretty well to the fact that this crime occurred on Halloween for one.

The reference to vampires, or demonic characters coupled with goat beheadings..

It seems to be something he's obsessing on pretty strongly.

I personally don't know enough about ICP to draw a comparison between the two...and none were intended.

I grew up listening to Metallica, but can promise I never had a Fade To Black Moment of my own....

Obviously..... I'm still here. =)

Juggalette said...

Ok, that's good because it's definitely not about the music. I actually used to be a huge Manson fan. I dressed goth and everything back in high school so I get defensive about that stuff because of the stuff I dealt with back then. I especially get defensive about ICP. I have listened to them since they first came around and I know that it is all in good fun. They are funny and that's why I like them. I don't know anyone who would act on the things they say, but I am sure there are a few who would. As a fan though I will be right there to defend them when someone tries to blame them for these ate up kids out there.... and there is always someone who makes a stupid comment every time ICP comes up..

WiggersDIE said...

ICP is definitely the problem. Anyone who listens to 2 talentless, white wigger "rappers" with makeup on their faces deserves to be beheaded as well. You're an embarrassment to the white race.

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