March 22, 2009

Florida Couple Jailed After Cops Find Drunk Woman Breastfeeding Baby - Find Knives, Pills, Poison And Broken Glass In Baby’s Room

Rene Vanalsburg Jail Booking Report
Marc Rush Jail Booking Report

Cape Coral, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Rene T. Vanalsburg, 42, and Marc E. Rush were jailed early Tuesday morning after police find a drunk/stoned woman breastfeeding a child and poison, glass, pills and knives in the baby's room.

Police were called early Tuesday morning after receiving a report of domestic violence at a Cape Coral home. When officers arrived, they encountered one surprising sight after another.

Police say Vanalsburg was found breastfeeding a baby while clearly drunk and high on narcotics. The child's father was found passed out.

Officers went into the baby's room and found broken glass, ant killer, spray paint and knives on the floor. Police also found a bottle of Oxycodone in the child's crib.

Investigators say the couple had been staying with Vanalsburg's half-sister when the incident occurred. Police were called when Vanalsburg allegedly punched her half-sister in the face.

Vanalsburg was booked into the Lee County Jail on charges child neglect, and two counts of battery. She was arrested again three days later on three counts of battery and violating a domestic violence injunction.

Vanalsburg has a long criminal history which includes drunk driving, battery, breaching the peace and contempt of court. She was a fugitive from justice at one point when she jumped bail and apparently fled to Tennessee. I can't be sure, but it appears she was caught after being pulled over for expired tags.

Rush was booked into the Lee County Jail on charge of child neglect. His delightful criminal history includes repeated arrests for fraud, multiple arrests for marijuana possession, drunk driving and a grab bag of probation violations.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Well how do you like that. Put your brawling sister and her dope head boyfriend up in your home and soon they're trashing the place and punching you in the face.

To the sister. It's nice to have family visit, but isn't it even sweeter when they leave?

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Venus Doom said...

It never ceases to amaze me when these 40+-year-old women, who were lucky enough (either naturally or, more frequently, through fertility treatments) to conceive a child, turn around and abuse/neglect the very same child after it's born. What the hell?

Anonymous said...

and mother of the year goes to...... "the sloppy drunk b*tch in the back!"

Tony Bone said...

Ehh... All I can see is a mixed up guy medicating himself over this broad, and the broad making his life miserable. No wonder he was passed out. He should have cracked the whip on her miserable caboose a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Nice, Tony B. but I think "cracking" the whip would consistute domestic violence, as if this baby wasn't injured enough by these lousey parents now you think he should have been beating her as well.

As for the dumb bitch and her waste of a bf I hope that the baby goes to wonderful loving parents and that they NEVER EVER AGAIN are allowed to set eye's on even a picture of her!!!!

Tony Bone said...

Uh, no. Only a weak man needs to resort to measures like that, anonymous.

There are many ways to crack a whip, without resorting to such acts.

Cutting her off from the Bone is lesson enough I'd say.

But if push comes to shove, there are always cleaning chores that can be assigned. There's no room for mouthy trollips in Tony Bone's house.

There's plenty of things to do and fetch.

a non e-mouse said...

It's "trollop".

Cutting her off from the bone? Uh-huh.

Now this mouthy broad a chore of her own, cleaning the pepsi off my monitor again. Note to self: No pepsi when reading a certain gentlemen's comments.

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