March 05, 2009

Bradenton Woman And Homeless Man Nabbed For Having Sex In Public Park - A Short Distance From Playing Children

Bradenton, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Betty Jo Leonardson, 39, and John Silvia, 59, were arrested Wednesday after a passing jogger spotted the pair having sex at a park where children were playing.

According to Bradenton police, officers responded to a complaint from an evening jogger who witnessed a couple having intercourse at Rossi Waterfront Park in Bradenton. The witness told police that the couple was having sex while children played just 150 away.

The witness lead police to the couple, were were still engaged in sexual intercourse.

"I observed Mr. Silvia lying on top of Ms. Leonardson also with his pants pulled down to his ankles. I was able to see Mr. Silvia's buttocks moving back and forth."

When questioned about the incident, Silvia told the officer "I just wanted to [expletive], I didn't know I was going to get pinched," according to the arrest report. "You do it in a house, I am homeless so I do it out here."

Leonardson and Silvia were booked into the Manatee County Jail on a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior. Bond was set at $250 for Leonardson and $150 for Silvia.

A third person at the scene, Ricky Osborn, was found laying beside the couple, watching. He filled out a witness report after telling the officer that the woman "wanted him to have sex with her also."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice
full arrest docs can be found at TSG

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Chaz said...

I'd say there's more to this story. She's not homeless, so why couldn't she bring them back to her place if she wanted that?

I bet she's married. Or should I say...WAS....married.

magnificentjay said...

well, in Britain the cops are advised that if a couple are having "open air" sex and take precautions of modesty, dont bother busting them.

not happening in sexphobic America

this supposed crime is blown out of most the cop should have told the couple to dress up and take their business elsewhere

kev88 said...

what else can you expect from a woman named betty jo!

courtney1us said...

Watch it kev88. By name is Betty Jean. LOL.

Nick said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Obama will buy everyone a home to have sex in.

Jus Tess said...

Don't worry, he's working on it.

Alicia said...

Did anyone else notice that the police report hints to some pent-up aggression on the part of the officer for having to witness this filth he encounters on a daily basis?

Chaz said...

Alicia <---- looking up officer to see about assisting with some of that pent up aggression?

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