February 17, 2009

Florida Strip Club Dancers Jailed On Prostitution And Nudity Charges

St. Petersburg, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Eight women employed by the St. Petersburg strip club 'Vegas Showgirls' were arrested Monday night on prostitution and nudity charges after Pinellas County deputies launched an undercover investigation into the club's activities.

The arrests mark the fourth major bust we know of that has occurred at the club since 2007.

The arrests were as follows (left to right in the photo above)

Andre Bolds, 26, charged with nudity after she pulled down her bikini bottoms.

Lisa Rubalcava, 20, charged with prostitution after allegedly offering to have sex with deputy for $150. She was also charged with nudity after pulling down her bikini bottoms on stage.

Corinna Shaffer, 24, charged with prostitution after allegedly offering to have sex with deputy for $150. She was also charged with nudity for pulling down her bikini bottoms.

Harmony Beahan, 19, charged with prostitution for allegedly offering to have sex with deputy for $150 for 15 min. or $250 for 30 minutes. also charged with pulling down bikini bottoms.

Michelle Depasquale, 20, charged with pulling down bikini bottoms on stage.

Kelsey Molony, 19, charged with prostitution for allegedly offering to service deputy with oral sex for $150. Also pulled down bikini bottoms while on stage.

Amanda Roberts, 18, charged with exposure of sexual organs after pulling down bikini bottoms on stage.

Deanna Firlik, 26, charged with soliciting customer to by an alcoholic beverage.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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B. Nevada said...

This sounds like a awesome club! When is happy hour....?

The Angry Georgian said...

No kidding! I'd love to have Corrina, Harmony, and Kelsey dance for me!
Are they serious though? Charging someone with "nudity" for pulling their bottoms down? Hello! Strip club! They just tacked on that charge so they could have an excuse to arrest them.
The prostitution charges I understand, but poor Deanna. Are you kidding me?
What is with people?

crazyaquariusgurl said...

what kind of strip club is this? charging girls with nudity, uh duh its a strip club...nice flordia is fucked up...

Anonymous said...

I don't know, but in some strip clubs it's ok to show your breasts and it's not considered nudity, but once you take your pants off they consider that to be nudity. Crazy. I know and I don't really understand the logic behind it.

magnificentjay said...

some communities don't allow such places to offer bottomless services. by just going topless, such clubs skirt the law.

this club is going to be shutdown...

but the "soliciting customer to by an alcoholic beverage" charge is odd....

KimberlyB said...

I'm thinking the beverage charge is like a big overseas thing. A woman comes over and invites you to buy a bottle of $3.50 champagne- for 500 dollars! You get sex with the deal, hence the song "There's no sex in the Champagne room"!

crazyaquariusgurl said...

oh wait they serve alcohol there? i see, here in ny its illegal for full nudity with serving of alcohol, but "juice" bars are full nudity, i bet its that in flordia too. i still think its stupid, just remove the hookers, theres plenty of girls willing to be just strippers...well... then again it is flordia

The Infamous Aguy said...

I think the beverage charge used to be a way for the bar to help the girls. Patrons would buy the girls drinks and then get pissed off if they didn't drink them. Patrons would get upset or the girls would end up falling down drunk trying to keep up with all the drinks. So the price for a drink was a little higher if you bought it for a dancer. Then the bars realized you can't discourage a guy from giving money to a stripper. No matter what the price of the drink was some guys still wanted to pay. Now its just another way for the girl and the bar to make money. Like they need it. The deal is if you buy a girl a drink she will sit with you and talk to you while she drinks the whole thing. Honest to god. Depending on the place the price for a coke can be as high as $20 and of course beer and mixed drinks are priced higher according to regular conventions.

The Toker said...

It is all much cheaper in MEXICO! (and better too! :) IMHO (In my Hookers Opinion) hehe!

Guadalajara is the place to go, not the crappy border towns. Though there are some really top notch restaurants in TJ... but quality girls and great treatment for not much $$$ go with Guadalajara. Mexico City has the cheapest though... wouldn't try it, though... The Merced has them at $12 USD a pop with the exchange rate as it is.

hrdcore said...

I am sure the people in the club were Shocked! to find out such activities were going on in a Strip Club.......Our tax dollars well spent I am sure

Anonymous said...

what a great waste of taxpayer's dollars.

good going, Florida.

Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine, "Poncho" Williamson was at the club last Tuesday early morning. He had gotten into an argument with the Bouncer on duty. When the girl he was with saw things were starting to escalate, she asked Poncho to leave with her. She went out the door first and the Bouncer came up from behind Poncho to put him in a choke hold. The Bartender and the Bouncer shoves the girl outside, pulling Poncho back inside the club and pulled the door closed and locked it. They then proceeded to beat Poncho almost to death and dropped him on his head. Poncho is now at Bayfront Medical Center in a drug induced coma. They had to remove part of his skull to re-leave pressure on the brain. The police are now investigating but several eye witnesses are refusing to testify out of fear.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason a difference remains between a "peep show" and a "strip club" ypu can't call the establishment a "strip club" if nudity is prohibited(BOTH TOP AND. BOTTOM) sorry but it's rediculous to pin charges on people who are just doung their Job. Now prostitution is a different story. But for now on that club needs to be called VEGAS SHOWGIRLS:A PEEP SHOW EXPERIENCE (SINCE FLA. WANTS TO ACT SLOW) ITS NO LONGER NEEDS TO IDENTIFY AS A STRIP CLUB. since the women are not allowed to be indecently exposed

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