February 20, 2009

Anna Bettencourt - Teacher Accused Of Repeatedly Having Sex With Student. One Time On The Classroom Floor

Bliss, Idaho (The Weekly Vice) - Anna M. Bettencourt, a 39-year-old social studies teacher At Bliss High School was arrested Tuesday on accusations of repeatedly having sex with a 16-year-old student. One time occurring on a classroom floor.

According to police, Bettencourt reportedly admitted to having sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old student on two occasions.

Investigators say the sexual contact occurred between Aug. 15 and Sept. 30. One of the incidents took place at the school on a Sunday, where Bettencourt and the teen engaged in intercourse on the floor of the agriculture shop.

The 2nd incident took place in the teen's truck after the two met at the school, according to the arrest affidavit. Police say the teacher and student both admitted to having sex on two occassions.

The victim told detectives that the relationship began six or seven months ago when Bettencourt allegedly began sending him sexually charged text messages.

"She said she was going through bad times in her life and she enjoyed the attention and made the mistake of engaging in very inappropriate messages," stated the arrest report.

Police say a school aid learned of the alleged abuse in November, but failed to report it. Word of the alleged sexual contact eventually made it to school administrators on or about Feb. 13.

Bettencourt was arraigned Wednesday on two counts of felony sexual battery of a minor. Each count is punishable with up to life in prison. A preliminary hearing in the case has been set for March 19.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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The Angry Georgian said...

This is totally absurd and precisely the reason I hate our "protect the children" laws. While I can understand a lengthy sentence, life in prison for this crime should be considered cruel and unusual. Had the sex been unconsentual, that would be a different story. But life in prison?

Menalipa said...

Yes, life in prison. That's how messed up our system is. You can go around and beat the crap out of a toddler and get a few years and/or probation. But don't go around and "rape" a 17 year old hairy dude because you could get life!

Chaz said...

Yeah, but we both know she's not going to get life. I'll bet she doesn't get more than 2 years.

Bets anyone?

magnificentjay said...

the simple fact that an incident took place on school grounds with a minor....makes it very likely she will get a bit more than 2 years.

albeit, thu school was not in session on a Sunday? how would they get in to the class?

Jupiter Gurl said...

What kind of mugshot is that? looks like they have her head on a chopping block. Life in prison? That's ridiculous. Considering 16 is considered the legal age in some states, a little common sense should be applied to the charge I think.

In one state they can put them in jail for life. In another state it's legal. In another state, they go never end up going to jail.

I know every state is different, but jeez. A little uniformity should be in order.

magnificentjay said...

Jupiter Gurl,

she is holding up a place card with her booking ID on it. she does seem to want to hide as much of herself as possible.

small towns, some are, lack up to date technology in their county jails

Anonymous said...

MagnificentJay, honestly it is possible for any teacher to get in to a school they work for at any given time of day due to the fact that they all have keys and if its like my old school they also have access cards.

magnificentjay said...

i thought that given access keys were only for subscribed classroom and general areas....not for classrooms of unrelated curriculum....oh well

Anonymous said...

Omg. i cant believe she would ever do something like that. she was the best teacher in that school. now i get grossed out everytime i think of the incident. emagine... worse cuz i know both the teacher and the student.! EWW

Anonymous said...

"Ummm...What in the HEY, HEY is up with all these teachers?" OK, disregard that, we obviously know 'WHAT'S UP'!!!! Somebody needs to listen to, "HEY TEACHERS, LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE!!!" YUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, i can tell you exactly how they got into the agricultural shop and had sex. the "bossman" Chester Bradshaw, gave the "student" the keys to the Ag Shop. who is their right mind would give a student they keys to the ag shop? so he had access to that area at any given time. this is dangerous, and he should be held accountable. and as for the teacher, she clearly wasn't ina correct state of mind. and as for the aide, well need i say anything good about her. she is having sexual relations with a staff members husband!

Anonymous said...

What about Debra LaFave she got no punishment for screwing amd oralling her student! Pleaded mental BS, bipolar...Plus her family must have been owed a polictical favor with the Republicans in Florida! This present teacher needs to plead insanity and use Debras case as an example

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous who posted the comment on April 1st,

I know all the people invovled in this personally. Bradshaw did not give the student a key. I know the student and there are ways to get into the ag shop without a key. The aide involved in this is not having sexual relations with anyone. And you are right, the teacher was not in her right mind when this happened. She was getting into fights with her husband about everything and she wanted attention from somebody. I am not standing up for her. What she did was wrong yes I know that. I guess to really have any sympathy about this you need to know all of the people involved with this.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how people can support a teacher who obviously crossed the line. I bet if it had been a male teacher and a female student the comments and feelings would be different. Not only should the teacher be held accountable but so should the principal. I'm sure he had to have known something was going on and decided to bury his head in the sand.The Aide should be commended for coming forward and doing the right thing for the child. As for the rude and unfounded rumors started about the Aide goes to show you how backward some of the residents in the town of Bliss are. They would rather support a pedophile. Who cares if the teacher was having problems at home - find an adult to get attention. The fact that she was involved with the children she taught shows how sick and depraved she truly is.

Anonymous said...

All i can say was that she was a great teacher. There was something wrong with her. A teacher is not going to just give it to anyone for no reason. Oh... and Mr. B did not give the keys to him. He has a key to het into anywhere in the Bliss school building.. And as far as the aid goes. She is great. She is a mom dealing with shit at home, and trying to raise 2 teenage girls. Leave her the HELL alone. She is a great aide and she is trying her best to make things right. Everyone knows a secret about someone but we dont just go tell everyone, At least if ur best friends with them...... think about it.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea... no one knows anything about what the hell they are talking about so how about we all keep our mouths shut and let the law take care of it. I heard about this blog through a friend and it’s sad to see how stupid people really are when it comes to something like this. Everyone does stupid things... if you haven’t, then go on and leave your blog of how perfect you are. Don’t forget to leave your name so we all know who you are. As for the people in the mess... it’s their mess so leave it at that!

CMA said...

to the poster above:

What rock are you hiding under? the details of this case are out and it's pretty darn obvious something happened - since the investigation would have been able to confirm at least some of it.

You might want everyone to shut up and crawl in a hole, but guess what? That's not gonna happen. Deal.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the 16 year old male student is being referred to as the "victim" or "the child" is so fucking ridiculous. This guy is a primiscuous trouble maker who has had sex with more than one woman over the age of 18. I am not sticking up for this teacher, having sex with a student is WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. But from what I gather, she was unhappy and miserable in her marriage and she was very vulnerable. This kid chased her and pursued her and now she is the "monster". When are these teenage boys going to realize that just because a teacher is hot, beautiful, and sad, or whatever the hell she is, does not make her an easy target?????? These boys know that get off scott free and are laughing with their buddies as these women face "criminal" charges. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as for the aide . . . what a bitch. And as for the principal . . . what a piece of work. The "victim" has keys to the school. How did he get them? Good fucking question.

Stacy Rhect said...

She can "repeatedly" f*ck me anytime.

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