January 15, 2009

Joyce Passini - Woman Repeatedly Bites, Punches Own Mother Over $600

Joyce Passini Jail Intake Booking

Palm Bay, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Joyce Marie Passini, a 31-year-old Palm Bay woman was arrested Monday after allegedly beating and biting her own mother in a brawl over cash.

According to Palm Bay authorities Passini was arrested on Monday on charges of battery-domestic violence, Battery on an EMT/ambulance driver and resisting arrest without violence.

Investigators say an argument developed between Passini and her mother when the mother's $600 turned up missing. As the argument became heated, Passini allegedly flew into a rage and attacked her mother.

Witnesses told authorities that they saw Passini throw her mother onto a couch where she then proceeded to repeatedly bite and punch her mother.

When authorities arrived a short time later, Passini allegedly attacked medical workers and resisted arrest.

She was arrested and booked into the Brevard County Jail in lieu of a $2,975 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Anonymous said...

That's a nice photo! She looks like she's p*ssed. You gotta wonder how this lady feels after hitting her mom. And being charged for attacking medical personnel and resisting arrest doesn't help either. Hopefully after some time cooling down in jail, maybe Ms. Passini can take a real good look at herself and realize she made a mistake. I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Discussting!!! I hope she gets the dogpoop beat out Her in jail...Hit Your own Mother? What kind of nut is this?

Weekends Off said...

I can't even fathom raising a hand against my mother. I hope someone teaches her a lesson and that her mother disowns this ungrateful waste of skin.

magnificentjay said...

...drugs are bad.

Anonymous said...

She was actually my co-worker. She didn't seem that violent at work, she was actually pretty cool. But, I noticed that she bought quite a few things that didn't seem like she could afford. What a shame...

Ida_Slapter said...

Then she stabbed her mother with one of those big bar-b-cue forks.

When the cops came she socked them.

Now she's been charged for being a cop-sockin mother-forker.

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