January 05, 2009

Dimitrios Kriaris - Father Arrested After Allegedly Using Dog Chain And Tire To Confine Toddlers To Porch

Bellaire, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) -- Dimitrios Kriaris, a 35-year-old Bellaire, Ohio man was arrested Tuesday on allegations of using a dog chain and a tire to confine two toddlers to his front porch, and then leaving them outside for long periods of time.

According to police, Kriaris allegedly chained his 22-month old and 3-year-old children to a tire on his front porch and then allegedly left them there for extended periods of time.

Police became aware of the alleged situation when neighbors called Bellaire police. One neighbor told authorities that the two boys had gotten tangled in the chains and were covered with dog feces on at least one occasion.

Police say one witness reported seeing a child tied to the tire for a 30 minute period, while another said both children were left alone in the back yard for as long as two hours.

Investigators who responded, confiscated the chain and then found 125 prescription pills that appeared to have been packaged for sale.

"They went back and found several prescription drugs not in proper containers with no one's name on them," said police chief Mike Kovalyk. "They were various pain medications. I don't know exactly what they were. We feel they were packaged for sale. There were several pills in baggies."

Police also say Kriaris has a criminal history, including a conviction for possession of drugs with intent to deliver and a pending case of domestic violence.

Kriaris' wife defended her husband, claiming "We didn't do anything wrong and he didn't do anything wrong. And if I ever thought that my husband would do something like that, he wouldn't be around these children."

Kriaris was taken into custody at about 4 p.m. Tuesday and booked into the Belmont County Jail on charges of child endangerment, drug trafficking and drug possession. His bond was set at $5,250.

The two boys were released back into the custody of their mother and will be monitored by child services.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Once more, a woman is standing up for her live-in penis instead of her own children. Could she perhaps be right? Could this really be a kind family man as she is leading local media to believe? It's an interesting claim to make considering the drug charge follows his history and there's a pending domestic violence charge.

Good try, wife. We aren't biting. It's really too bad the neighbors on the street have to do what you refuse to do.

Be glad you weren't charged as well. Be glad you still have your kids. In many other counties, you wouldn't have been so lucky.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Anonymous said...

"Once more, a woman is standing up for her live-in penis instead of her own children"


charleyinthebox said...

Amen to that Danny. I am so pleased that child services is now keeping an eye on this. The mother is obviously not able to put her children first.

Karen K said...

tied with a dog chain? How does one mitigate that? All a big mistake? It was snowing in our area several days this week, so that means these kids were out in the cold. Put this couple down. Both of them!

K*B Awesome said...

i am furious that the mother wasn't arrested.
"we didn't do anything wrong and he didn't do anything wrong..."
um. yeah. sure. that's why your neighbors called the police. because you guys are awesome parents.

crazyaquariusgurl said...

can we chain the wife to the porch and say we did nothing wrong?

MaxXx said...

Long time, no see Crazyaqua. If we chained up two adults, first they'd call the police, then they'd try to sue... and when that all failed, they'd try to punish you by attacking your house in the middle of the night as paybacks.

A lot of people consider kids as property, not little people. So of course they see nothing wrong with chaining them out in the cold.

crazyaquariusgurl said...

still makes me think? why can so many bad people have kids and many good ones can't? didnt realize i was reconized on here...thanks

Danny Vice said...

I ALWAYS notice aquagirl... =)

crazyaquariusgurl said...

awww. i still think flordia has too many nuts for one tree, stay straight lol!

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