January 13, 2009

Christopher Dodson - Colorado Springs Man Hit 4-Week-Old Infant So Hard, He Cracked Her Skull. Takes A Second Swing

Colorado Springs, Colorado (The Weekly Vice) Christopher Dodson, a 25-year-old Colorado Springs man was arrested after police say he hit his 4-week-old daughter so hard, he fractured her skull.

According to El Paso County authorities, Dodson was arrested Monday on suspicion of felony child abuse.

Police officers were contacted by Memorial Hospital staff Monday evening after treating a child that had been admitted for serious head trauma. Emergency workers told investigators that the infant, who's name is Marisa, suffered from a fractured skull and bruising on her head.

Although Dodson allegedly claim a coffee cup had fallen on the baby's head, investigators say he eventually admitted to striking the child twice when she wouldn't stop crying.

Dodson was arrested and booked into the El Paso County Jail. No bail has been set at this time. The child's mother is not being charged, however the investigation is considered ongoing.

The child is currently still being treated in the hospital and is listed in stable condition.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Here's a set of instructions to the mentally inept, neanderthal males who cannot seem to figure out how to resist beating on their child's head.

1. Set child down. 2. Walk away.

Or you could opt for the last resort plan: Call wife or girlfriend to come watch child, then beat your own skull.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Chaz said...

all I see in that picture is the waste of tax dollars that will be spent pampering him in jail.

Bring back military blanket parties

crazyaquariusgurl said...

my gosh, yet another story that literally broght tears to my eyes.
step 1. castrate mentally unstable breeders f*cks like this one.
step 2. beat him in the head 3 times step 3. better make it four

pepper said...

is the baby ok? sad. i accidentally had a 10 month old today in my care, fall from a counter. i put him on the counter and without thinking took my arm off from around him, and when i went to put the water in his bottle to complete the formual making, he must have turned around slightly to see what i was doing and slipped off! thank goodness my reflexes are quick, as i caught him with my leg and was able to break his fall. but he still fell! ( i had a newborn in the other arm and so therefore i could not grab at him with my hands) i felt horrible and it scared him, scared me to death and both of us sat and cried for a bit. but the quilt i felt. like i had let him down and his trust in me! so i cannot have any sympathy for creeps like this. i learned today NEVER to set the baby on the counter, put them down safely then go to the sink!

Anonymous said...

All i can say is that i know chris personally and his wife. and for him to do this to his daughter is so unreal. the chris i know is a sweet person so what the hell got into him i dont even know. i know for a fact he was dumb for messing with a child anyway and to have a kid with her and marry her. and knowing her she probably made him take care of this kid while she did what she wanted. cause i do know her as well. but either way its not like him he was always so good with my kids thats for sure. but he is where he belongs if he did do this to his daughter.

Diary of a Mad Army Wife said...

What makes these geniuses think that hitting a child will make them STOP crying? Sheesh.

Danny Vice said...

I'm so happy to see you DOAMAW.. =)

Anonymous said...

this man sexually assualted me when i was 15... he deserves to be tortured to death for almost killing his own child

Anonymous said...

Just to update everyone Marissa is doing fine and just had her first birthday no signs of any permanent injury to any part of her body she is in good health dispite being sick a few times thru out the year but who's baby doesn't get sick right she has lots of teeth is into everything and is learning to walk. I have come to terms with everything that has happened in the last yr and I think Marissa is better off without her father she is doing very well without him she's a very happy baby...well toddler and shows no signs of wanting him around its her and I doin our own thing its been a long road and I'm ready to close the door on the past and live for our future my divorce will be finalized in 2010 so ready for it to be over and my PO becomes perm. in a few short wks thanks be to God for the Judicial System here and I couldn't of gotten thru this last yr without the support of family and friends and the team i've been working with here I'm greatful to you all Happy Holidays eveyone.

Anonymous said...


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