December 26, 2008

James Clayton - Las Vegas Cop Jailed After Allegedly Trying To Trade Sex For Traffic Tickets

North Las Vegas, Nevada (The Weekly Vice) -- James Clayton, a 40-year-old police officer with the North Las Vegas Police Department was arrested on multiple felony charges after he allegedly tried to trade traffic tickets for sex.

Clayton, who has been with the force for three years, was arrested last Tuesday on seven felony charges related to misconduct of a public officer and oppression under the color of office. He was also charged with one misdemeanor count of indecent exposure.

According to investigators, Clayton would pull over women and then suggest sexual acts in exchange for disposing of their speeding tickets. Court documents said Clayton was "very persistent" in asking for phone numbers, following the alleged victims and even calling one victim 20 times over a three day period.

One victim told investigators she was "shocked, disgusted and felt her sense of security had gone out the window," when Clayton allegedly attempted to get her to make out with him during a traffic stop.

Another alleged victim told investigators Clayton exposed himself to her after stating that he was married, but "liked to cheat".

All alleged acts occurred between March 27 and July 26 of this year while Clayton was on duty, according to the complaint. He was placed on paid administrative leave back in July when the investigation was just getting started.

Clayton was booked into the Clark County Detention Center Tuesday, where he remains at this hour.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Paid administrative leave eh? If you were arrested and thrown in jail tomorrow would you be placed on paid leave? We just aren't getting the concept of paying someone to be investigated for months and months and months. Now he'll be paid while this whole thing moves through a year-long court process.

His 'alleged' asinine affronts to the women he pulled over will now cost the taxpayers dearly while he hangs out in a jumpsuit waiting for a plea bargain. Ridiculous.

We have a feeling these charges came about because the women hung in there and pushed their complaint. We really wonder what there was to investigate for FIVE MONTHS before bringing the charges. Now the department is conducting another investigation we hear. He'll be on paid leave for years before it's all said and done.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Samiam said...

Die his hair brown and give him pointy ears and I'd swear he was Spock's brother. No wonder those women ran for dear life.

magnificentjay said...


are not police cars equipped with audio and video systems that cant be rigged by anyone but the duty officer of the day?

if so but yet, it takes months to investigate this moron?

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced his wife won't even sleep with him without a threat of arrest. Fugly.

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