December 04, 2008

Fernando Gutierrez-Cabrera Burned, Broke And Tortured His Daughter While Child’s Mother Watched

Terra Haute, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) -- Fernando Gutierrez-Cabrera, 20, and Dawn Gutierrez, 20, have been arrested after police discover their 10-month-old daughter was repeatedly beaten, broken, burned and tortured.

Police arrested Fernando Gutierrez-Cabrera last weekend on charges of battery resulting in serious bodily injury, child neglect resulting in serious bodily injury, child neglect resulting in bodily injury, child neglect and domestic battery.

Police say Fernando repeatedly abused his 10-month-old daughter, breaking multiple bones in her body. Investigators also say he tortured the little girl by heating up a box of rice and then burning the child's legs with the rice. Keep in mind this is still just a baby.

In a new development to the case, police arrested Dawn Gutierrez on Wednesday on three counts of child neglect. As authorities led her towards a patrol car in handcuffs, Dawn stated that she was "sorry" she didn't get away from [Fernando].

"I love my family and my daughter. I wish nothing ever happened," said Dawn as she was packed into the back seat of the patrol car.

Fernando was arraigned on Wednesday, but told the judge he didn't understand the questions during the hearing. He's expected back in court on Friday, where he will be provided a translator.

"There is no way I can explain how I hate this individual," said family member Randy Day. "She can't even crawl yet and reason being is probably because of her broken bones and stuff."

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

There's a picture beginning to emerge here that will only add more disgust to both of these garbage-quality bastards. It looks to us that the mother's family likely tried to warn this woman that Fernando was bad news - but instead of heading their warnings, she avoided them and then began covering up the abuse. Her tearful claim of "getting away from him" sounds to me like she's just repeating what everyone else has been telling her. Good advice she ignored while watching this man break her own child's bones.

This twisted pair shouldn't be allowed to see the light of day for decades. Unfortunately, I doubt that will be the case. I'd be surprised if she spend more 18 months in jail and if she plays the part of the 'battered wife', she may see no jail time. Disgusting.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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danzingdiva said...

Interesting point. She's claiming she should have run away from him, when it's likely she kept running to him. Both of them need to serve serious time. I hope you're wrong. I hope she doesn't play the victim here.

I don't understand how any woman could possibly watch a baby she carried for 9 months be tortured like this. She does not belong in society and she had better NEVER be alone with that child again

Latina said...

This is just so f@#king unsat. That pinche cabrone can beat and abuse a 10 month old baby girl, real show of cojones, maricone!

And I guarentee she will say 'oh i was scared for my life, etc yada yada yada, well stupida, you could've left while ya man was at work or whatever, seriously..

She'll probably walk. At least mr tiny chorizo will be locked up and hopefully sodomized and beaten

TAZ said...

She's just an idiot. but this man should be thrown into a cell of sex offending inmates who can do a little breaking of their own. I absolutely hate people who torture innocent children. There is no punishment severe enough for the likes of these two

tx915 said...

This sick fuck should be put away for a long time, and the child's mother right along with him. She will try to play the victim role, but I hope the judge and jury see right through that bullshit. A lot of women fail to realize that once they have a child, it is no longer about the mother/father, but about the child. To hell with "I couldn't get away." There are too many women's shelters and advocate programs for women with children who need to escape abusive relationships. I've been in this situation, and there is no excuse. There is no way in hell I'd have sat by and watched while someone tortured my child. I also see that he wants to play the "no speaka English" card. Let's see how much English you speak while Bubba n' them are reaming you in the ass, maricon...

charleyinthebox said...

Yet another woman who is more interested in having a warm body in her bed than the safety and well-being of her child. I hope this child is put in a home where she will never have her safety come in second place to her caregivers sex life.

Anonymous said...

for all you with incarcerated loved ones - please send this scumbag's picture and the article to them so he gets properly introduced to the "fellas" when they lock him up

Anonymous said...

Another pair deserving of the harshest treatment the system has to offer...

Rabidparadise said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. I pray the woman's family has the baby and she's finally in a loving environment, and with that..I'm going to go give my babies an extra hug.

Susan said...

I hope this scumbag asshole abuser gets locked up for life and has a very hard time inside. However, I work with victims of domestic abuse for a living and the level of ignorance shown in this comments section is appalling but all too common. You may think "Why didn't she just leave?" but more often than not that's either not easy or not possible. And whoever said that there were so many services for her to access for domestic violence, do your research. DV services are chronically understaffed, underfunded, and overtaxed. More than 50% of homeless women and children became homeless because of domestic violence, and can't find help at a shelter or advocacy service. So basically, stop blaming the mother here because, although it's possible that she was a willing participant in the abuse and neglect (it happens a lot,) it's also possible that she truly had no alternative (it happens far too much) and the reality is that we'll never know what the situation was. Domestic violence is not as simple as hitting someone or getting hit. Keep that in mind next time you blame a mother for not protecting her child.

BarbeeQ said...

Oh Susan, must you carry on with such nonsense? Seriously. If a man is breaking your child's bones, are you going to tell me you'll just sit there and watch it?

The woman has plenty of family. They were at the hearing. Watch the video, it's obvious they were concerned. Are you telling me they wouldn't have helped this girl had they known this man was breaking that child's bones?

See, this is the problem. A child gets creamed and you make excuses.

I don't need a place to go if someone ever hurt my child, I'd find a place. Any place. Pick up the phone and call family, a church, a shelter, a safehouse... or a friend.. You don't think someone would take them in knowing this man is literally breaking bones?


NavyChic2 said...

My baby was abused by my ex but it happened when i was at work and was crushed when i foun dout he was abusing her. How can you stand there and watch your child get abused like that..!!! Holy shit these people needa smack in the face!

camom1978 said...

I would be in jail, and he would be six feet under!! That is how I would've handled this situation!! No one, No Man will hurt my child and walk away with out at least a bruise!!! I may sound redneck to some of you, and hell maybe I am for thinking the way I do, but at least I would die or go to prison to protect my child UNLIKE THIS FILTHY EXCUSE FOR A MOTHER. I hope she burns in hell along with him!!

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