November 16, 2008

Anthony Pavick / Amelia Contreras - Couple Arrested After 5-Year-Old Is Severely Beaten. Ear Partially Ripped From Head

Fort Meyers, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Amelia Contreras, 26, and her boyfriend Anthony Pavick, 24, have been arrested after police say a 5-year-old boy was severely injured in a brutal beating inflicted by Pavic, and then left to suffer for days by his mother, Contreras.

Amelia Contreras was arrested on child neglect charges shortly after her boyfriend, Anthony Pavick, was taken into custody on three counts of cruelty toward a child by aggravated abuse and one count of child neglect with great harm.

According to police, Pavick beat the 5-year-old child so severely that he suffered multiple injuries including a partially detached ear, penis lacerations, multiple bruises and facial injuries.

The victim's sister told Lee County authorities that Pavick would discipline the victim, by taking him into the bathroom, closing the door and then beating him repeatedly in the face, pulling hard on his penis and picking him up by his ears.

Despite the serious injuries that occurred, authorities say neither adult sought medical attention for several days after the assault.

Detectives say Contreras made an appointment with a doctor, but then decided to sleep in on the morning of the appointment. Police say she brought the victim to Lee Memorial Hospital on Nov. 4, but only after she made a trip to pick up methadone pills.

Initially, Contreras told hospital workers that the boy's injuries were were caused by a bicycle accident. When medical personnel saw that the injuries didn't match up with the injuries, they contacted authorities.

The hospital treated the boy's injuries and then released him, however the boy was hospitalized again when he began to lose consciousness during an interview. The boy was again released into the custody of his grandparents, only to be returned a third time when additional injuries were found.

Pavick was arrested on Thursday and Contreras was arrested on Friday after a brief investigation. Both adults are being held at the Lee County Jail. Pavick is being held on a $91,500 bond while Contreras was held on a $5,000 bond.

Court records indicate Pavick was previously married to another woman for 5 years. During that marriage, the woman reported four instances of domestic violence, telling authorities that he was an alcoholic who choked her, slammed her to the floor and urinated on the floor while forcing her to clean it up. The woman also told authorities she required surgery in the instance where he threw her to the floor.

"My husband is young, impulsive and violent and those factors create fear in me. I know he is capable of great violence," she wrote in a sworn affidavit.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

It's just amazing how long abuse can go on, before it is truly dealt with. Pavick's estranged with now lives in a domestic violence shelter - according to court records - yet he's running loose with another woman beating her kids senseless.

And what about these women? The story hardly ever seems to change. We just can't seem to escape weekly stories of boyfriends who beat the living daylights out of a woman's kids, yet she just continues on like nothing happened.

It's in excusable, and this mother should - in our opinion - be facing far more severe charges.

Danny Vice

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Poetry Sue said...

If any man ever laid a hand on my child he had better kill me... Otherwise I'm going to jail for 1st degree manslaughter with a life sentence for unusal cruelty... NO ONE beats my child.. I will never understand these women. There is nothing more precious in this world than the children we have been gifted with.

Linda said...

Ahh, the love of a man! It's too bad she doesn't know what a man is supposed to be. Her family has been around and they never saw this child was in danger of death? Give me a break. This and the other stories you have make my mind boggled. It truly does take a village to raise a child, where the F were the neighbors even. I'm sick of people not wanting to get involved until it's way too late. She deserves jail & to be neutered along with her boyfriend. Sick bitch let a scum put his hands on your child, for a dick. WTF? People need to pay attention to what is going on around them,her family certainly dropped the ball.

charleyinthebox said...

Bravo linda, this is how I always think of these women. They will allow their children to be subjected to the worst possible treatment just so they can have a warm body in their bed. They will even support most of these idiot men that won't work, just so they don't have to sleep alone.


Susan said...

This poor, poor child. Those two montsters should be locked up forever. What a bunch of cowardly jack asses! Only cowards beat children. What those two adults need is a good beating from people their own size. BOTH OF THEM. I would be sooooo willing to do that.And, I agree...ANY woman who lets a man beat her child is as bad as the man!

crazyaquariusgurl said...

i just threw up in my mouth. can we lynch people in this state yet?

Jennifer said...

You might not agree with what I say but I will say it anyway. Domestic violence is a very tangled mess. Add in drug addiction (as evidenced in this story) and you have a great big huge mess. I am IN NO WAY excusing what this mother did, only offering an explanation. DV offenders rarely change their colors. As such one can assume he was abusive to both mother and child.

Could she have sought help? She could have and that is inexcusable. Would she have been given help? Maybe, maybe not. In my own case in Florida , I was abused by my ex-husband. I sought help and was given very little assistance. I was demeaned and belittled. I was threatened with the loss of my protection order. I was stalked. I was not protected. And now with my divorce final, I and my child are still not being protected.

Your call. Would the legal system protect this woman? Probably because this child was not his. But in cases where the perp is related to the child, forget it. His rights trump everyone's.

crazyaquariusgurl said...

well with the extent of actual physical abuse to the child, if the mother did the right thing and brought her son in for medical attention asap, it would of shown she does do the right thing, but she waited, which was wrong, even if she was worried about her boyfriend being arrested or her being abused afterwards or whatever. she should of thought of her child first...letting your child suffer injuries because you had the run of bad luck being with someone who is violent is not the childs fault. im sorry for people who are in abusive relationships, and alot of the time the law is wrong and should really start helping the right people when they need it, but in a case like this, hopefully the mother will learn a quick lesson in child wefare and will also leave this guy, if not hopefully flordia will do something good and put the child in a great home in which he deserves.

tx915 said...

I could give a flying rat's ass about what was going on in that relationship. I've been in a violent relationship, and I'd rather spend the rest of my natural life in jail before I'd allow anyone to harm my children. That SOBs dick would have been digested in the neighbor's dog's belly first.

someone who knows said...

This woman is a loser - she left a message on pavick's phone after his arrest that "i'll wait for you poppy - no matter how long it takes". She doesn't care about her kids as much as she cares about him. She's a druggie loser and they both deserve each other. Too bad the kids can't pick their own parents as they are sweet kids.

Maggie said...

In domestic violent situations whereby a person and often a child is being abused I'm split in half as to whether or not the woman (usually) should recieve a severe sentence for not getting the child away from the abuser.

One part of me wants the sentence to be harsh for the assumption that if it is hard enough it will take away her fear for her life from the man. The other part of me knows that women (usually) who are being abused have been reduced mentally to the equivalent of a minor child. The do not possess the confidence in themselves to think like an adult.

It is very hard to know what to do and the only thing I can suggest is if a violent situation is reported and backed up by evidence any children should be removed from the situation even if they were not hit and never to be allowed in the custody of the mother (usually) if she has any association with the violent offender. If found again anywhere near him the children should be removed for good.

I unfortunatly don't think giving harsh sentences to the mother would stop the abuse or make the mothers remove the children. Domestic violence is equal or greater in its psychological abuse and power as it is in the physical abuse. I do think the women should go to jail and I don't believe they should get off.

Jupiter Gurl said...

Maggie, I see what you're saying, however if she's so beaten down that she can't make lifesaving choices about her children, those kids should at the very least be removed from her care.

It would only take just ONE time for me to make a decision. Just one. There would be no "beating down" period.

At some point the woman made the decision to continue her own abuse and then passed that on to the child. No adult should be allowed to get away with doing that.

KimberlyB said...

I feel that the mother in these cases should be punished as well. She was afraid of the consequences of saving her child? If the was more severe, and actually punished these pathetic mothers, maybe she would be more afraid to not save him. I can not understand a mother who does not take care of her children.

Tiffany said...

She should burn right at the stake along with him! Why do they let people get away with a slap on the wrist with these things? I'm not saying people shouldn't be able to spank their kids, but this goes waaaay beyond that argument. From what I see here, this was practically attempted murder!

That poor little boy! I have a 5 year old and knowing how tiny she is, I can't imagine how this poor little fella endured that kind of beating, and then the pain that followed for days.

The mother has no excuse, period! If that were my child, I'd have died getting them the hell out of there, I'd have given MY life to protect theirs. Inexcusable, period!

She deserves to be punished as severely as him, if not more so. This child's suffering will last a lifetime, take it from a formerly abused child.

Anonymous said...

It is appaling what was done to this little boy, then to make him suffer, he easily could've died. But what I am also questioning is why did it take not 1, not 2, but 3 visits to the hospital before all the injuries where "discovered" and treated appropriately?

camom1978 said...

I agree with all of you, esp. the anon poster above, why so many trips to the hospital with out being properly diagnosed treated and ABOVE ALL ELSE Reported to the police. Maybe this abuse could've been stopped sooner?! I'm not saying that it's the hospitals fault that this child was abused, I'm just saying that I wish the extent of injury, and probable causation had been discovered or at least suspected sooner. Even a suspition of abuse is cause enough to report it!! I'm just so sad by all this, why I keep reading this crap I don't know!!

DL said...


Amelia Contreras pled guilty on 5/12/09 to the charge Child Neglect - No Harm. She was sentenced to 5 years probation and court costs in the amount of $1388.50.

She has a warrant for her arrest indicating she violated probation on 4/15/10.

She is not in custody in Lee County or anywhere in FL so I "assume" she is a fugitive.

Looking at her record, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she runs a red light and is stopped by an officer who will arrest her for the warrant when he runs her ID.



DL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DL said...

Anthony Pavick pled guilty to lesser charges on 5/14/09: 2 Counts of CRUELTY TOWARD CHILD-INFLICTION OF PHYSICAL OR MENTAL INJURY and he was sentenced to 5 years probation and $543.00 in court costs.

At least he spent the holidays in jail before bonding out on New Year's Day 2009.

He is currently under the supervision of the Florida Department of Corrections.



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