October 23, 2008

Welcome To Video Vice

The Web's Funniest DUI Videos
A collection of funny DUI videos as captured from police cruiser dash cams and police stations

Gallery Of Crazy People
Live life vicariously through those whose brain is officially fried - a collection of the truly insane

Pedestrian Vs. Car
A collection of videos that will have you looking both ways before crossing the street

Police Dash Cam Wipe-Out
Witness what happens when entire arrest scenes are wiped out instantly during a roadside crash from patrol car dash cams

Gallery Of Outrage
A collection of videos that capture the idiots who you'll soon want to pummel with a baseball bat

Disorder In The Court
See what happens when the courtroom spins out of control - a collection of courtroom brawls caught on camera

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Jupiter Gurl said...

I'd just like to be the first to say - this is a very cool addition to the site. I especially found the lawyer video funny. I hope you continue to add to this library. =D

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