October 23, 2008

The Weekly Vice Crime Story Archives

The links below offer searches of The Weekly Vice by category - Most recent first. SCROLL DOWN For State By State Search

Naughty Teacher Cases

Prostitution Cases

Florida's Assorted Nuts - Florida Crime Cases

Child Abuse Cases

Naughty Coach Cases

Child Neglect Cases

Cases That Include MySpace Profiles

Robbery And Theft Cases

Crime Stories By The State

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ElfNinosMom said...

Hiya, Danny. I have been watching with interest as you added "Video Vice" and now the categorization of the archives. Are you planning to completely rework the blog, or are you just making it easier to find things?

Either way, very interesting, and some of those entries were definitely worth another look. :-)

Danny Vice said...

Thank you. Yes, everything has been a little messy lately, but we're all put back together now.

My goal has been to open the site up to what someone wants to see, rather than what has been posted in the last few days. Hopefully we're getting a bit closer to that goal. Make a blog behave a little more like a website... I hope you're doing well?

Anonymous said...

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albina N muro said...

Thank you. Yes, everything has been a little messy lately, but we're all put back together now. lifeofscams.com

Kanmani E said...

Nice Story :)

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