September 10, 2008

Summer ManyWhiteHorses – Mother Drove Around For Months With Dead Child In Trunk Of Her Car, According To Police

Great Falls, Montana (The Weekly Vice) - Troubling new details have emerged in the case of a mother, who's two year old autistic child was found dead in the trunk of her car last Friday.

Summer ManyWhiteHorses, a 31 year old Montana woman was charged Monday with deliberate homicide after investigators found the dead body of her 2-year-old son James in the trunk of her vehicle. Now police say the body of her son may have remained in her trunk for months as she drove around town.

ManyWhiteHorses was first arrested on July 21, after police say they noticed that she was driving erratically. When an officer attempted to pull her over, ManyWhiteHorses allegedly ignored their attempts and continued to drive through several stoplights until she eventually crashed into another vehicle. The vehicle was then towed to a salvage yard, where it would remain for approximately six weeks.

Investigators say ManyWhiteHorses was cited and then released from jail, but did not retrieve her vehicle or her son's body from the trunk of the car.

Authorities became concerned about the child when Child and Family Welfare workers, attempting to gain custody of ManyWhiteHorse's two children, were unable to verify the child's whereabouts.

Investigators assigned to the case interviewed ManyWhiteHorses who told them she had placed her autistic child in a garbage bag and placed him in the trunk of her car after his death in May.

Although ManyWhiteHorses told authorities that her son James' death was accidental, court records indicated that authorities are conducting an autopsy to determine how and when the toddler died.

ManyWhiteHorses is now being held at the Cascade County Detention Center on $250,000 bail.

Danny Vice

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ladybug said...

I think this lady should be tossed in a plastic bag till she suffocates on her on fluid stupid people like that should not be put in are jail systems so that we can pay taxes and feed them if you ask me even a jail meal is to good for this cold hearted bitch i cannot believe that someone can do that to there OWN child we should have the death penalty and she should be the first to go.makes me MAD

Lovebug said...

Is she mentally ill? Is this murder or a mentally ill person un-able to deal with death and dying.

Anonymous said...

Hm, this may be what very well happened to little Caylee Anthony. There have been reports of "the smell of human decomposition" in the mother's car. The ONLY reason the mother, Casey, has been allowed to do practically anything she wants to, while the investigation is in progress, is because she is has an appealing physical appearance. Casey Anthony should just admit what really happened... she probably got high one afternoon, and left her toddler in the car, parked in the scorching hot sun for hours, and returned to find her daughter dead.

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